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Saturday, February 18, 2012

my Saturday Evening post

~Evening Friends~
it's cold, blustery....with snow tonight

Played in the kitchen today, just a bunch of photos 

(heart pantry cakes I purchased from Theresa - Purensimple)

Scale Love

Feedsack Love

Table Love - this is the makers plate for my most favorite table
 Elwood, Indiana

Earlier today my best Girl Scout and I went to deliver cookies
Be sure to get yourself a box or two or three and support your local Girl Scout Troops

While we were out, I snapped a couple of pics
Our neighbors have their trees tapped
*Maple Syrup Season*

Thursday's project..Homespun Rag Quilt
 Old Road Primitives shared a tutorial that inspired me.  I had never made one before, but I was able to start and finish it all in one day!  These quilts seem to go together really quickly...and I don't even own a rotary cutter, cut all 80 fabric squares & batting by hand with good ole scissors ...boy oh boy was my hand tired...LOL...but hey! I used up some of my Homespun Stash!

~ Maygan says it's cozy...she slept with it last night :)

Stay Cozy my Friends,


  1. Beautiful photos, Traci. The rag quilt did go together fast, Kim just did the tutorial! Your
    good. And she just did the matching pillow tutorial. It looks beautiful.

  2. Love the pictures of displays in your kitchen. Just prim perfect. Great job on the quilt. I haven't gotten the courage to try one yet. Love the pictures of the trees. Sapping trees has always amazed me. Have a good Sunday and stay warm. Oh,and I love the Girl Scout shortbread and the mint cookies. Always have to get a few boxes.

  3. wonderful photos! hope your entire weekend is just great!

  4. Everything looks wonderful!Love the colors in your rag quilt!Great job!Have a great night!Big hugs michelle

  5. I bet that rag quilt is comfy! It sure looks like it would be.... I can't believe you made it in one day -- guess that's what talented people can do!!! All your pics are lovely.... Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  6. In the time it's taken me to think I may like to try the have gone and "stitched" one right up!! Lol...pretty. Katie

  7. Hi Traci, It's been blustery and snowy here today too. Love all your new pictures, thank you so much for sharing! Your new quilt came out awesome! I too saw Kim's tutorial and thought it was wonderful.I have added it to my long,long list of things I would like to try my hand at. But, now seeing yours and knowing it doesn't take that long, I just might be giving it a try a lot sooner. Enjoy your Sunday sweetie!
    Hugs Mary

  8. Love the photos Traci.
    I seen Kim's tutorial on the rag quilt and
    added it to my to-do list.
    Your's turned out beautiful. I am one also that will
    have to use the scissors to cut out the squares by hand.
    Maybe I should get started now, Lol!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Beautiful displays Traci!!!
    I love the photo's with the sap buckets on the trees ~ brought back some good old fashion memories!
    Love your rag quilt ~ it really turned out great!!!
    Prim Blessings

  10. Well, now I know how far behind I really am...I haven't even gotten to Kim's tutorial - and here you have it all done and did already. Can I just give up now??? Love your kitchen pics - I'm in scale and Rumford love.....And, really - Girl Scout cookie time already??? Usually we end up with hubby, me and Little Crow ordering and getting cookies, and I don't think any one of us got to order any this year....going to have to go scouting some Girl Scouts me thinks!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  12. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  13. i have several of those quilts and they are very cozy. i bought my GS cookies and only got 4 cookies. my guys ate them all!! LOL! denise

  14. Wonderful post friend. Love all your sweet treasures. Really loved seeing your neighbors trees. And wow what a amazing quilt you made in one day. You go girl.
    Hugs Trace

  15. Love all your goodies!
    Wonderful pictures!
    And awesome job a your rag quilt.
    I've always wanted try to make one.
    Yes it is one of many on my list to eventually try. :)

    Girl scout cookies!!!!
    Oh, they are definitely a weekness of mine. :)

    Have a fabulous Sunday.

  16. Happy Sunday Traci..sounds like you had a fun day in the kitchen.
    Love your patchwork quilt..turned out Prim Perfect...I bet your hand was tired if you cut all your squares at one time..
    Your right they are perfect for using up scraps of cloth. My sister n law Peg makes patchwork quilts regularly & I sell them for her on Ebay..They are really popular and sell really well...

    Have a great Day!

  17. love the photos..thanks for sharing and love the blankie you made... made the good old fashioned way,:)


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