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Free Patterns & Tutorials

You are welcome to use these patterns for yourself or for profit.  I ask that you give credit to me as pattern designer if you are selling online.  You may not post pattern or tutorial directly to any website or blog but you may post a link to this page.

Thank you for your understanding..

Primitive TP Holder
Oatmeal Canister Makeover ~click here~ to see original post

Easy Folded Paper Garland
I made this one out of recycled newspaper

Cut 2" x 5" rectangles out of paper of choice
you will need approx. 60 pieces to make a garland for a small tree.

 (use magazine pages, wrapping paper, scrapbook papers, paper shopping bags, etc.)

Use diagram below taken from an old Better Homes and Gardens Book
to make your folds and assemble garland

Oatmeal Can Luminary Craft


  1. Found your Naked TP tut via PrimMart. Awesome! I'll be making some prim and some shabby.

  2. Thank you for the tutorials. I especially like the two using oatmeal canisters.


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