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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oatmeal Container Luminary

Maygan and I got crafty the other day and made some Oatmeal Container Luminaries.  I think they turned out really neat so I thought I would share the idea with you all.  This is a quick project to do with your children or grands and it's a good way of recycling those containers.

We started with large Oatmeal containers, peeled the label off and then I sanded the areas with glue a bit.

I made a paper template for tracing the hole which will be cut out.  I cut mine with a razor knife.  I found pictures online that we wanted to use.  I printed her's on plain white paper and mine on aged paper.  Hint - print the pictures on plain white paper, the light shines through them better in the end.

Then we got to painting them, I chose an Oatmeal color, Maygan chose Red.

After the 2 coats of paint dried, I roughed mine up with some sandpaper and then glued the picture on the inside with tacky glue.  I also antiqued mine with Antiquing Gel.

I used some stamps and tacky glue to make glittered stars around my container.  Maygan used stamps and ink for Candy Canes, Santas and a couple of glitter stars.

Here they are lit up with battery operated Tea Lights.  If you make one, please Don't use real Candles!



  1. I turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Love these,,,great idea..thanks for sharing!

  3. hose rock Traci!what a fun project that must have been.blessings michelle

  4. ok them kids have totally boogered up my laptop and its always missin letters.I meant those not

  5. Thank you! I cleaned out a closet and found a bunch of empty oatmeal containers. Now I have a great idea for a project!


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