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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A few Free Christmas Blog Graphics

Here are 3 graphic freebies for you
to use on your blogs for Christmas

Right click and save

Blessings N Hugs,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway

In the spirit of giving, I will be hosting a
Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway!

This drawing will be for my current friends & followers only, so if you're not a follower,
you have until tomorrow night (Nov. 30th) to join in by following my blog.

Beginning December 1st, each day for 12 consecutive days, I will do a 12 Day Countdown Post.
You will have until 12 o'clock midnight to leave a comment on that day's post to be entered.

The previous days winner will be posted the next morning along with that day's sign-up post.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts will be a surprise..after all it's Christmas and it's no
fun knowing whats inside the package!

Merry Christmas!

Howdy..... How have ya been?

My goodness, it's been almost a week since my last post....eeekkk
Miss you All!

The kids FINALLY went back to school today, now it's time to get caught up on all the Mom Stuff.

I managed to get 3 of my trees up with decorations yet, maybe next week that will happen.

Maygan and I ventured out on Black Friday, not real early but we found a couple of things on our list.

Stopped by Lowe's and scooped up 4 of these pretty little poinsettias for only 98 cents each.

Yesterday was the first day of deer season here in's a State Holiday (the kids never have school that day, LOL)  Hubby didn't see anything (that's probably because we spent all day Sunday cleaning the garage getting ready and we jinxed it!)  We process our own meat and the garage is the butcher shop.  He's out now, hoping today is the day.

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi...hope everyone is doing well!  I know this time of year, everyone is staying busy  ;)

Have a Great Day,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Greetings

Wishing you and yours
Happy Thanksgiving!

Count your Blessings not once, but twice.

May your day be filled with
*Love, Laughter, Family & Friends*


Monday, November 21, 2011

Show Pics

I'm calling Saturday's show a success!
Didn't sell out but sold lots of goodies.

Got to see some of my old customers from when I had my store in town, the weather was nice, good crowd
and an all around great day.

One down, one to next show/last is December 3rd.

So in addition to preparing for Thanksgiving this week, I will be restocking some sell-out items
and posting some new goodies on my website as well.  If you want to visit click here

Hope everyone had a super weekend!

Blessings for Monday,

Here's a Merry Christmas Button that I designed

feel free to right click and save to use on your blog...

Friday, November 18, 2011

A new piece in the Dining Room

Over the summer I aquired this antique oak hanging writing desk.  It was given to me by a friend....and has
been waiting for it's home in my home.

Yesterday, I finally figured out where I wanted it and went to work.

I had this in the corner
It's now sitting out on the porch with no home

I also put the leaf in the table for the
big Thanksgiving Dinner

And now I have a question??????

Has anyone ever painted beadboard walls?
I am not a big fan of this blue and would like a more "Olde N Aged" look on the walls. 
But, I just haven't found "the look" I want.. need your input

so, what color, what technique
leave it and save myself the work, LOL?

Going to finish rounding up some final things today...eeeekk, I can't find the legs for my lattice display

Have a Fantastic Friday and Wonderful Weekend!

I'll be back with pictures of the show next week.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

What did Mama get?

Mama got.....

a new pr. of boots?

NO......but those boots are gorgeous

an awesome new handbag?

NO....but it would match those pretty boots!

a new ride?

NO....but man I'd love that truck!

Mama got a new DO
isn't it amazing what a trip to the salon will do for your spirits!
yep, woke up yesterday morning with a "wild hair" and decided it was time for a change

Got a good 4-5 inches cut off
(the only problem is now my neck is cold ;)

Happy Trails to You!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Priced, Packed and not so Patiently........waiting

Come on Saturday...

I am officially ready, well, maybe
that is if I can stay out of the sewing room

I've been working on some smalls the last couple of days

Yesterday I made these Prim Christmas Can arrangements

My dining room has turned into a staging area
Totes, Baskets & Boxes full of
Prim Goodness for the show
(I keep adding to the pile though, LOL)
Everything is priced, yea, it's worse than having a garage sale!

and here is my portable bagging station
old oak basket full of assorted bags, tissue, & peppermints

I have some Ditty Bags cut out that I'm gonna finish up today.
we'll see if I can quit, LOL...


Monday, November 14, 2011

~a Thank You~

My winnings arrived!
I was the recent winner of a lovely giveaway hosted by

Above is a wonderful handstitched wool pillow...already displayed

a new motto for me to live by... sometimes I get so wrapped up in my
busy life that I admit...I don't Enjoy Today!  I am always thinking about what I have to do tomorrow,
or this week, or even a month from now.

and this
Pin Keep..a quilt pattern called Flying Geese

Thank You so much!  I love all of my prized treasures and you sure made me "Enjoy Today"!

Please visit Cat Haven Crafts and signed up for the November Giveaway

you could be the Lucky Winner of this
adorable Kitty Sampler Stitchery.


Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Friday...Happy Veteran's Day & Update

Veterans Day Pictures, Comments, Images, Graphics

to my husband all the men and women,
 past and present for serving Our Country
Thank You for your sacrifice~Thank You for our freedom

I just finished up my last website update before my show next weekend.  Listed close to 20 new goodies.
I will ship in-stock orders next week but anything that is made-to-order will not be started until Nov. 21st.  This will allow me to put the finishing touches on my show goodes, get everything priced & my display ready.

Please be sure to thank a Veteran today!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Piling Up

I have grounded myself from the computer for a few days...

and as a result the
Prims are Piling Up

I've been trying real hard to stay focused on crafting,
with two shows coming up (one of which I just took on another space)
I need lots of Christmas Goodies.

Oh, and of course, there is the everyday stuff too...
Laundry, meals, dishes, LEAVES, etc.

Today is supposed to be another glorious day!
Temps in the 60's and sunshine
Every nice day = one less cold winter day
I'll take it!

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

In the news........

We were up bright and early today, rise and's 5:00am

Maygan's school was 1 of 4 schools in the area to win a video contest

"How Cool is Your School"

this morning a TV station out of Erie, PA did a live broadcast from YEMS.
I spotted Maygan a couple of times on TV!

Go Eagles!  You Rock!

and...tonight is Friday night High School Football

....."the big show? The main event?
That would be at Mike Shine Field in Youngsville, where the Eagles look to complete the school's first undefeated regular season since 1966 and win the Region 2 title outright against second-place Saegertown.
It doesn't get much better than that.
Saegertown (6-3) at Youngsville (9-0), at Mike Shine Field, Friday, 7 p.m."

(excerpt and photos from Warren Times Observer)
and in other news
I made the newspaper too...but barely, LOL

Halloween Parade at school last Friday
photo from Warren Times Observer
Isn't Johnny Appleseed cute!

Our town is bubbling with anticipation and pride! 
Wishing the Youngsville Eagles the best of luck at tonight's big game!
What else have I been up to? 
Leaves.........leaves........and MORE leaves
I've taken care of 27 piles of leaves in the last 2 days (raked, tarped and dragged them to the woods)
that doesn't include the ditch full that I burned last night.

~my body is saying enough already~

We are in for a sunshiny day...but cool and windy

Have a good one!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Odds N Ends....For Sale..Vintage/Antique

Just a few things that need a new home.  If you are interested in any of these Vintage Items,
just send me an email... it will be first come - first served.

Vintage Ladies Hats, Paper Egg Cartons, Aprons, and Wire Basket

Click on Images to Enlarge

Vintage Red & White Paper Egg Carton
1 up to 3 available
new, never folded
(I folded one to show you, the 3 available are new...well, old)
Sutherland Paper Co, Kalamazoo, MI
$5.00 each

Vintage Mesh Wire Basket
9" across

Vintage Half Apron #1
Blue Floral Print with Rick-Rack edging and Patch Pockets

Vintage Half Apron #2
Salmon and Pink Folk Art Birds, 1 Patch Pocket

Vintage Ladies Fancy Hat Collection

Navy Blue - Union Made USA

Vintage Fur - no markings

Vintage Feather - no markings

All 3 Hats $12.00

Shipping is not included in the prices, actual shipping will be calulated based on address.
If you would like to know ahead of time what shipping will be, just let me know.

Thanks for looking...


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winner ~ Olde Fashioned Christmas Giveaway

Well Folks...we have a winner
(doesn't Maygan look like a goof ball...she is trying so hard to keep her eyes open when the camera flashes, 90% of the time she blinks, LOL)

Maygan drew the winner just moments ago after hounding me for 2 hours..."Mom can I draw the winner yet!"
She gets as excited as I do to see who will win, LOL

First I would like to Thank You ALL for entering, I always enjoy "giving" and have so much fun reading all your comments.  And big (((hugs))) to you wonderful gals who were kind enough to post about my giveaway on your blogs....I really appreciate it.

I had a total of 67 entries for this giveaway...all singles, so everyone had an equal chance to win.  Don't pay any attention to the number (it may not correspond to your comment), I just numbered them to make sure I had everyone counted.  Yes, and it's a good thing I did cause I had missed a couple.  I checked and double checked that I had everyone and then Maygan drew.............

Tammy from A Primitive Place

Help me Congratulate Tammy on her winnings!

So Tammy, now I need your address to send your goodies to ya...
So for my next giveaway...What would you like to win?
No, it can't be money cause I'm broke, LOL

As for the Junkin' today.... well, it was a crappy Junk day
I did get a couple of things.....a wooden folding camp chair, a stoneware dish and a thing-a-ma-bob for
a make do base...yep, that it's
..but Austin and I had fun anyway.
He can always keep you laughing, even on a really bad day.

Now, I have to clean up the rest of my mess...started taking down Halloween today..

I think my blog needs a makeover tomorrow..

Blessings for a good night,


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