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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Howdy..... How have ya been?

My goodness, it's been almost a week since my last post....eeekkk
Miss you All!

The kids FINALLY went back to school today, now it's time to get caught up on all the Mom Stuff.

I managed to get 3 of my trees up with decorations yet, maybe next week that will happen.

Maygan and I ventured out on Black Friday, not real early but we found a couple of things on our list.

Stopped by Lowe's and scooped up 4 of these pretty little poinsettias for only 98 cents each.

Yesterday was the first day of deer season here in's a State Holiday (the kids never have school that day, LOL)  Hubby didn't see anything (that's probably because we spent all day Sunday cleaning the garage getting ready and we jinxed it!)  We process our own meat and the garage is the butcher shop.  He's out now, hoping today is the day.

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi...hope everyone is doing well!  I know this time of year, everyone is staying busy  ;)

Have a Great Day,


  1. Hi, Traci~ I too have been away from blogland~ missed you~
    The trees look cute lite up~
    Ohio also does the Holiday Open Gun day~ Hubby is in full rut( giggles) So far no luck~My stepson & him were out all day Monday, in the pouring rain~ POURING! He went back out today~ so we will see~ We butcher ours also~ oh, what a mess~ giggles!!
    Good luck to all of them~ Deer need to be cleared out a bit~ to help with disease & hitting them on the road( like me in October!!)

  2. Three trees up?!? Girl, I'm still cleaning up my Thanksgiving mess! :)

  3. I am trying to get my decorations out, too. I also have three trees up.... although one is a year-round tree and the other is a small one I keep/store decorated, so I guess they don't really count!!
    I remember when we lived in PA having a holiday on the Monday after Thanksgiving for opening day of hunting season..... we don't have that here in NJ, or in NY where I will be moving soon. I'm sure my kids are glad they lived in PA when they were younger and in school!! At any given time we have 4-8 deer in the woods behind our house! This year I also saw 9 wild turkeys.... you'd never know we live 30 miles from NYC!!!
    Have a great day!

  4. Your trees are beautiful even without the decorations. Love the pointsettia and for 98 cents what a bargain!
    Gun season ended in Wisconsin on Sunday, with no luck! We do have deer coming in our yard not far from the house. We put a deer-cam out there so we can watch them. My 10-yr old just loves that!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Love the trees. I have a few things up but not the big tree yet. So far behind I feel like I'm ahead, lol. My hubby got a buck with the rifle and two with his bow, luckily I love venison.

  6. So pretty just plain.I'm putting mine up today with the warm temps it just didn't feel like christmas but rainy and cool today so a little more festive.No deer here yet either.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. My fellows didn't get any either. It has not been cold enough here for rutt, yet. Black powder season comes back in again in Dec. They will both go out again to the siren song call of the big woods. Love your tree, and cookie cutters!

  8. Love Love Love your trees..
    My guys is out now..

  9. Hubby hasn't seen anything down this way either!!!! I said, isn't it boring sitting there all day, looking at...what???? I guess it's a man thing. lol

  10. love your tree! My DH has not gotten any deer yet this year..he's so bummed....and to top it off his bow broke :( He usually gets 3/season

  11. So cool to celebrate the first day of hunting season. Never heard of that before. Love your trees with the lights. Have a great week, and good luck to hubby as he hunts. My mister use to hunt but land is scarce around here and the prices are out the roof to rent land to hunt on.

  12. I suppose...with this just being the start of your hunting at least have a MUCH shorter no shave november!!! Katie

  13. Whew! Finally, I can see your posts!! Yea! LOVE your trees - wow - 3 with more to go?? We're lucky to fit one in here (although I do have a itty bitty one I squeeze in the dining area...and the way things are going this year, that may be our ONLY tree....not looking too festive....) Love the little poinsettias - what a deal! So sweet with the cutters around them...Maybe I'll just come spend Christmas at your house. ;o) Deer season is over for the year here...well, T-zone comes up shortly and then musket season - but the regular season is done. Wishing your hubby good luck....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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