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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Odds N Ends....For Sale..Vintage/Antique

Just a few things that need a new home.  If you are interested in any of these Vintage Items,
just send me an email... it will be first come - first served.

Vintage Ladies Hats, Paper Egg Cartons, Aprons, and Wire Basket

Click on Images to Enlarge

Vintage Red & White Paper Egg Carton
1 up to 3 available
new, never folded
(I folded one to show you, the 3 available are new...well, old)
Sutherland Paper Co, Kalamazoo, MI
$5.00 each

Vintage Mesh Wire Basket
9" across

Vintage Half Apron #1
Blue Floral Print with Rick-Rack edging and Patch Pockets

Vintage Half Apron #2
Salmon and Pink Folk Art Birds, 1 Patch Pocket

Vintage Ladies Fancy Hat Collection

Navy Blue - Union Made USA

Vintage Fur - no markings

Vintage Feather - no markings

All 3 Hats $12.00

Shipping is not included in the prices, actual shipping will be calulated based on address.
If you would like to know ahead of time what shipping will be, just let me know.

Thanks for looking...



  1. Love the pictures! Everything looks in fantastic condition!

  2. Love the pictures! The hats remind me of my great grandmother's old hats.

  3. Fun things for sale. I love the aprons. -Steph-


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