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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Chilly Summer Day

It's a bit chilly out today, now that summer is here anything
below 80 is a tad cool for me...

This is something fun to do...pick some posies and
put them in colored water (food coloring)...
watch them change colors
(daisies work the best)

Maygan and I did that to these daisies about a week ago
re-cut the stems after a couple of days to keep them drinking

Been working and rearranging inside today...

put some new "summer stuff" on my drysink

Old bottles and Goose feathers

This flag in the crock is an old crocheted flag


dried Larkspur, Blue Thistle and Butterfly pillow tucked
into a wall basket

Finally put some of my pewter on my mantel

Pewter by Candlelight

And, lastly, the table is set for a 4th of July picnic

Enjoy the afternoon,

Check out my last post to see the Primitive Potting Bench
I made yesterday if you haven't'll want one, LOL...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Tinkering ~ Primitive Potting Bench

I am in love,

Had a day at home and time to tinker....

it all started with making a new top for this birdhouse

how did that turn into this?
Don't ask me, I haven't a clue

My new Primitive Potting Bench I built today
..put is on the south side of my Vegetable Plot

I so wanted to get it done so I could decorate it....
you know the fun part!

so, now I will bore you with close-ups

This is what I fell in love with today...
I must admit it has been fun taking some time to build things I have wanted...

and, the best part, all the materials for this project were upcycled, didn't cost a dime!

Blessings for a Peaceful Night,

Busy as a Bumble Bee should Be

Things have been just a hoppin' around here as of late...

Did some fishin' Saturday night (no luck)

Sunday we went to an auction, 
I'll be back with pictures of my finds
lots of old chairs to re-do, antique tabletop desk, large cheesebox, lots
of bottles and a small table

Yesterday I spent 8 hours at my neighbors house painting her
kitchen.  So yes, today, my body is achin'....

This morning I took my coffee cup to the veggie garden, turned the soil and pulled some weeds

This is nothing more than a "table garden"
would love to have a big one but space & sunlight in the woods just
doesn't allow

Growing green beans, tomatoes, okra (for drying), mixed salad greens,
spinach, cucumbers, yellow squash
Sweet Annie ~n~ Sunflowers


Sweet Annie

Time for a salad


My flower garden turns to a shade garden this time of year
lots of shade loving plants

different blooms, different days

Orange Lilies

Bee Balm

Lamb's Ear

Blessings for this Tuesday...

Friday, June 24, 2011

~ Red, White & You Giveaway Winner ~ etc.....

I wrote all the entries, put them in a bowl and drew out the winner...
And..........the winner is!

Oh, wait a minute

I did some more work on my Cabin
mouldings around the door and window...
applied more chinking to the walls

I started another cabin last night....
it may just end up on my selling blog......depends on whether or not I can part with it, LOL
I may have a big ole' settlement soon

How difficult is it to catch a lightning bolt?
~ Extremely ~

I sat the other night while it stormed trying to photograph one.
got a tiny one just over the tree tops, click on the image to see it
photo is a bit blurry, but it's there

Okay, now the winner of my
Red, White and You Giveaway is

Becky from Ginger Creme Hollow

Congratulations Becky!
if you will email me your address, your prizes will be on their way

Thank you to all who participated in my giveaway,
all the memories shared of your 4th of July holidays,
the kind comments and friendship!

Wish I could send ya'll something, but alas, just not feasible
I'll be having another giveaway soon though

Another project in the works
I've had this antique sailboat for years, it needs a sail
going to become a
Sailmaker for a Day
make this old girl sea worthy

Why do I like fungus? Who Knows?
I find it enchanting
makes me think of fairies, pixies and gnomes

just a wee little one

And I leave you with this
Yellow Rose
purely a symbol of Friendship


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Building a Primitive Cabin

For the lack of better things to do (there's always cleaning, but who wants to do that!)
 I decided to head to the wood shop this morning. 

I have been thumbing through a book,
the 1992 issue of American Country Christmas, admiring all the little houses and cabins....

Today was the day to build one

please don't mind my messy work area, crap flies when this girl is in the
wood shop
~Step One~

Starting to take shape

Front and sides are done

Now, hmmmm, we need a roof

Salvaged Rusty Tin, just the ticket
what's a Cabin without a porch

Another view

need to do a little more work on the chinking

Aerial view  ;)

My inspiration, photo of one in the book

A Little Decor, please

I think I will make some tiny mouldings for around the door and window yet

Maybe apply a coat of Early American stain,
make the wood a bit richer

Now, if I could only make a mini - me...........I'd grab a rocking chair....
sit on the porch and do some stitchin'

So please...
stop by my cabin for a visit



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