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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Building a Primitive Cabin

For the lack of better things to do (there's always cleaning, but who wants to do that!)
 I decided to head to the wood shop this morning. 

I have been thumbing through a book,
the 1992 issue of American Country Christmas, admiring all the little houses and cabins....

Today was the day to build one

please don't mind my messy work area, crap flies when this girl is in the
wood shop
~Step One~

Starting to take shape

Front and sides are done

Now, hmmmm, we need a roof

Salvaged Rusty Tin, just the ticket
what's a Cabin without a porch

Another view

need to do a little more work on the chinking

Aerial view  ;)

My inspiration, photo of one in the book

A Little Decor, please

I think I will make some tiny mouldings for around the door and window yet

Maybe apply a coat of Early American stain,
make the wood a bit richer

Now, if I could only make a mini - me...........I'd grab a rocking chair....
sit on the porch and do some stitchin'

So please...
stop by my cabin for a visit



  1. Beautiful job on the cabin Traci!!

    Have a great day~Becky

  2. Wow you made that look easy, Turned out great!

  3. Traci, you can just to anything girl, do I ever love that cabin!!! You did a wonderful job, you are so full of talent!!! Hugs, Lecia

  4. Nice wood workin' skills! Love the tin roof.

  5. Great job sweetie!That is so amazing!have a great day!big hugs michelle

  6. Traci, that is adorable.
    You made it look so easy but I know it wasn't. I certainly couldn't do it, but I would love to sit on the porch with you!

  7. I love this! Great job! Oh, no, Now I want one too!

  8. Well, Girlfriend - looks like you not only found your glass of creative juices - you found a whole stinking pitcher!! Wowsers!!! I LOVE this little gem! Lemme see here...first a wonderful prim artist extraordinaire; then an ace photographer; then a poet - and now a woodworker??? Not fair that one person gets blessed with so many talents and others of us are....shall we say, so lacking?? :o) Awesome job Sweetie!! I'll be right over to join you on that porch!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Wow Traci, now your building houses!!!!! You are talented!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my "garden".

  10. That is so awesome Traci! Great job, I love it!


  11. Wow, Traci! It is awesome!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  12. Wholly do wood work too! Wow such a very talented gal! I agree with everyone else, you made it seem so easy how it turned out! Sure hope you have plently of chairs to go around, I would love to sit a spell with all of you....I'm up for a good ol' chat. Matterfact, I will bring the sweet tea and cookies....LOL Hugssss Mary

  13. I love that little mini cabin..when you make a mini you..make a mini me so we can both be rocking out on the porch.;)

  14. Awesome job Traci!! Shrink me and I'll come sit with you.8-)

  15. FABULOUS CABIN!!! ******* AWESOME JOB !!!
    You are so talented!
    Any more to come ? for sale??

  16. It's a prim beauty. Be careful or you'll be making little prim stick people.

  17. Traci
    Great step~ by step~ it is just amazing!! So prim perfect!!!


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