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Thursday, September 29, 2011

~~Sweet Temptations~~

to satisify your Sweet Tooth~

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
(one hundred of these done)

Gourmet Apples
(these end up weighing close to a pound each)

(8 dozen ready to go)

I'm taking a break for awhile, I will start on fudge after my school run this afternoon.  Been in the kitchen since 8:30 this morning.  I think I have a chocolate headache...

Fudge Flavors for this year
Cookies N Cream
Peanut Butter
Maple Walnut
Double Decker
Nutty Chocolate
Mocha Espresso

most of my fudge recipes I have come up with myself over the years, lots of trial and error.
But now after making fudge for so many years, I've got it down to a science and my recipes perfected!

Going to visit some blogs now....  and enjoy my time out of the kitchen


P.S. Cranky Robin is the spoon licker and Amy gets the leftovers if there is any ;O)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Traci's Sweet Shoppe

This doesn't include the 50 pounds of flour,
30 pounds of sugar or
20 pounds of apples

Now you tell me who the sweetest person you know is?

And this is one of my prized possessions
my candy it a few years ago from hubby for Christmas
I did use a digital scale for measuring my fudge at the show before I got this
if it was too cold, it didn't work
if it was to damp, it didn't work
so much for technology~this scale measures
right on the money......every time!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You Lisa! Scenic Routes & Upcoming Festival

First and foremost I would like to thank

Lisa had posted some "craft show refugees" on her blog a little bit ago and I fell completely
in love with her Lil Jacks....  I wanted to purchase a set but what does Lisa do, she sends them to me
out of the kindness of her heart
Here are my Lil' Jacks all lined up on my cabin porch
Aren't they the sweetest little guys
Along with the Jacks ......... in-the-Box was
this sweeet prim Candy Corn, a Crow and the neatest
Halloween hang tag!

Thank You dear Lisa, I truly love all my goodies that you
so graciously sent to me.  May you be blessed ten fold my friend!

Here are some pretty scenes from this past weekend...

Ahhhh, there is nothing like Autumn in the Country

We have our Fudge and Apple Fritter Festival coming up this weekend, no that's not the festival's name but
what we do there.  I will be making all sorts of candy goodes including about 30 pounds of fudge, caramel and chocolate covered apples, buckeyes, & more. 
On site hubby makes apple fritters and I make homemade donuts.

So, the rest of my week is all planned run tomorrow (lots & lots of supplies)
 if you need me Thursday or Friday, I'll be in the kitchen, LOL
up to my eyeballs in sweetness!

Have a Blessed Day my friends,

Monday, September 26, 2011

We Survived the Weekend

Great Weather + Good Friends = Perfect Weekend

Home Sweet Home
our digs for the weekend

The 1st tow, not even time to ride yet!

Meet Soncho...the resident bloodhound

having the oldest tractors there made me a little nervous
but, I'm happy to report that my old gal made the whole trip!

can't say so much for hubby's Speed ex....he had to ditch it on the side of the road

Tractors, ATV's, & Bikes numbering in the 20's
guessing there was close to 40 people

Some people along the route came to their porches and the roadside
(probably thinking....well, I don't want to guess what they were thinking)
We must have traveled about 10 was one heck of a trip!

There was a collection from the riders to benefit
Alzheimer's Research

After the ride
there was a
Big Ole' Party Goin' On

We are all considering this the 1st Annual
already looking forward to next year!

Thank You to the Chase Family for the invite, the camping spot
and the great time had by all!


Friday, September 23, 2011

~Welcome Autumn~ .... ~Stepback Cupboard Update~

.x...Welcoming Fall on this First Day of Autumn...x.

All kinds of progress being made on my Stepback Cupboard project. 
yesterday I made the hutch, painted it and the bottom
still need to paint the drawers and some finish pieces for the top

The "bones" of the hutch

Recycled Beadboard Backing

Mostly painted

So, you see this top...the blue/green part
I didn't paint this part....I am considering leaving it as is

What do you think?  Opinions Please!

The drawer fronts will be painted and I will fashion wooden drawer pulls

but, I kind of like the top as is....with a coat of stain after the distressing work is done on the entire piece.

Options are:
1. leave as is & stain
2. sanded old paint off and stain
3.  paint it black to match the rest

HELP...I can't decide what to do!!!!!

Wish us luck as we embark on a "Redneck Weekend"
it will involve camping, lawn mowers, chicken wings and liquid refreshments
if we survive, details Monday.........

Have yourself a Blessed Autumn Weekend,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I confess..........I'm a stripper

Mooooooooove over Bessy

no, no don't get all shook up, not that kind of stripper, hehe

a furniture stripper!
Lastest prim make-over......
this cupboard I picked back in July

Most of the white paint...........gone
in this picture....

Sanded my arms, legs, butt and head off today.......just need to do some finish sanding

The next time you see'll be transformed into a
Stepback Cupboard

Well, now that I made ya look....

I bid you farewell for now

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a couple of Shout Outs... Mums the Word

My mums are opening up

Click to Enlarge the Photo

Another monarch caterpiller that I captured a video of this morning.  I am trying to figure out how to upload the video to I'm a bit on the technically challenged side. 

This is a nine shot still taken from the video..

it was awesome to watch!


A couple of shout outs

has started up the Tuesday Display Chain again
today is the first day - theme is Seasonal Peg Rack

so join in or go on a blog hop and visit those who are participating
great visuals and always lots of eye candy!

Someone else that you may not know that you would love to is

Katie from alltheseboysx5
she is a mother to lots of boys....hence the name
Katie is so sweet and so funny,
she loves prims, has a beautifully decorated home and blogs about it

Katie was kind enough to do a Thank You post for me today
so, Thank You Katie!


I recently found a new blog that I love to visit

Cindy is a picking queen, love her posts & photos
she has an Etsy Shop just packed with picked prim delights..

These wonderful and friendly ladies are only a mouse click them a visit and say Hi!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nature's Bounty......

It was a "country" weekend, I am so blessed to live
where I the country!

Nature's Beauty is really starting to sing in these parts.  Natural color everywhere, the trees have not changed yet but I have found some color elsewhere.

Maygan and I did something we both love to do on Saturday, that is just take a ride.
So with the loppers, gloves, boxes, wire, cutters, all rounded up...
we drove the backroads.

Stopping to gather, watch the wild turkeys, look at the views
and drive 20mph or less

The picture above is a wreath I put together when we came home.  All natural finds from Goldenrod to Wild will not stay this pretty for long but I figured the birds would have a treat in the end.

When we came home, we had to check on the Monarch Caterpillar (yes, only one made it), still a caterpillar......hanging in the shape of a J
went outside for just a little bit
within a matter of minutes this happened!
He was still wiggling around and the crystallise is still wet
in this picture

All settled in here, the change has begun we wait for our butterfly

On Friday, after school, I stopped at a yard sale....  didn't see anything until
another shopper asked the homeowner "Do you have any yarn you'd like to sell?"
She sends her husband into the house to fetch the "box" of yarn and he comes out, toting the biggest
old cheesebox I have ever seen..........

"You wouldn't want to sell that "box" would you?", I ask.  Sure we would, we are selling everything and moving into our motorhome, it's gotta go........ "YES, score"

It was covered in old wall paper......

Had that tore off before I even took it into the garage

here's Big Bertha!
must have held 200 pounds of cheese at one time
It's over 2 ft. tall and wide
Paid $7.00

So, there you have it, a recap of our weekend, not too exciting but very enjoyable.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Winner of the York Mountain Mercantile Bucks Giveaway

I had a total of 91 entries including the extras for bonuses

Everyone was assigned a number, don't get me wrong, you're more to me than just a number

Then I let pick us a winner

Number 76

who's number 76?

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...
Hey Traci,
I would Love to be entered in your wonderful giveaway!
I found a new friend "Kountry Porch Pickins"
What a unique idea!
Prim Blessings

Congratulations Robin!

So now, Robin has 24 hours to contact me or a new winner will be picked

Taken from the Giveaway Post
"if you are the winner, you must contact me within 24 hours
I will not search for you, you know how to find me
New winners will be drawn if I am not contacted within time specified until I get one"

Thank you to all who entered, I'm sure I'll be having another giveaway real soon


Friday, September 16, 2011

Prim Fotos Friday.........Final Sign-Ups

No frost on the pumpkin this morning!
I covered some plants last night, just in case.

 prim photos post...
random shots from around the house
some in color, some not

Today is the last day to sign-up to win $20.00 worth of York Mountain Mercantile Bucks
Link to sign up located at top of right side bar
Winner will be posted tomorrow morning

Thanks to all who have signed up!

Wonderful weekend wishes
to one and all.....



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