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Friday, September 23, 2011

~Welcome Autumn~ .... ~Stepback Cupboard Update~

.x...Welcoming Fall on this First Day of Autumn...x.

All kinds of progress being made on my Stepback Cupboard project. 
yesterday I made the hutch, painted it and the bottom
still need to paint the drawers and some finish pieces for the top

The "bones" of the hutch

Recycled Beadboard Backing

Mostly painted

So, you see this top...the blue/green part
I didn't paint this part....I am considering leaving it as is

What do you think?  Opinions Please!

The drawer fronts will be painted and I will fashion wooden drawer pulls

but, I kind of like the top as is....with a coat of stain after the distressing work is done on the entire piece.

Options are:
1. leave as is & stain
2. sanded old paint off and stain
3.  paint it black to match the rest

HELP...I can't decide what to do!!!!!

Wish us luck as we embark on a "Redneck Weekend"
it will involve camping, lawn mowers, chicken wings and liquid refreshments
if we survive, details Monday.........

Have yourself a Blessed Autumn Weekend,


  1. Happy Autumn Traci!! The hutch is looking beautiful~ I'd leave the top as is and stain it. That would really set it off and make it OOAK.

  2. I'm a matchy-matchy person so I'd paint it black to give it a complete look. But that's just me. I love autumn too!

  3. Your hutch is looking good ~ I'd say if you really like the top, stain it & see if you still like it as well. You can always paint over it if you don't :O)! Have fun on your "redneck" weekend~ sounds like a blast!!

  4. If it were me I would match it in with the rest of the hutch.
    Happy Autumn to you too Traci!

  5. I would sand all the paint off the top and put a medium stain on it, I think it will be too much black if it is all painted AND it will show dust
    easier! Do you have something stained, that you could lay across the top of it to see how you would like it? Thanks for sharing and good luck!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. I can see where this would be a hard decision!! I agree with Rachel -- Stain it and see how you like it once it's all done up. It can always be painted to match later. I'm kinda liking the contrast, however..... ;)

    Good luck, and have a fun "redneck weekend!"

  7. I'm with Karen on this one, just too much black if you paint it. I would take the rest of the color off and stain it. I really like the look of the whole piece! Happy weekend!

  8. My vote is leave it as is and then stain it. I would try Minwax Walnut. This would make it a bit darker and I think it would blend with the black beautifully. Like the other ladies have said, you can always paint over it if you hate it stained.
    Keep us posted!

  9. Hi, Tracie~
    Welcoming fall!!
    Leave as is & stain~
    have a wonderful weekend~
    hugs to you~ love my witchie poo~ she arrived!!!
    She is sitting up on the hutch in the kitchen~ so adorable~ I will take pic's sometime soon~

  10. I'd leave as is and stain it.Like I said love the old paint.You move right along on these projects,me it takes fun at your redneck weekend!~Amy

  11. LOL...redneck weekend...really?
    About the hutch...either #1 or #2 would look good!

  12. Hi Traci~

    I think I would stain it & see how it looks.

    Have a wonderful "redneck" weekend!!


  13. Hi Traci, the hutch is looking great. I think it would look good to leave the top as is and stain it - I do think it needs to be darker. It would also look great black like the rest of the hutch. I'm sure it will be awesome no matter what you choose.

  14. personally I don't like the color on the top..I would paint it a warm honey oak color..the black and the honey color would pop..just my opinion though..

  15. That is going to be one awesome piece Traci...Love it....Usually I vacillate - but this one is easy for me for some reason - I'd sand it off and stain (Option 2)...but looks like I'm in the minority. Oh well, nobody said crows have good taste. Have a fun weekend - but no muddin in tshirts!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Hi Traci, I love how your makeover is coming along! You do such awesome work!! I would leave the top as is and put the darker stain over it. I like the idea of it being a OOK.....Enjoy your weekend...sounds like alot of fun! Hugs Mary

  17. I say leave as is and stain it!
    Sounds like your going to have a fun weekend!
    Hope you take lots of pictures!!!

    I will let you know soon for the giveaway ~ you have sooo many wonderful creations it's hard to decide.
    Prim Blessings


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