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Monday, September 12, 2011

more Fall and Folk Art Festival

Just a few more touches of Autumn were added here and there this weekend...
No Halloween stuff yet, just Fall, I'll fill in with Halloween goodies at the end of Sept.
don't want to rush things ;)

 In the living room
a vintage framed crewel embroidery scene
and Indian Corn I got yesterday
Dry Sink top

a little somthing for my make-do linen rack
Dried Pumpkin Garland

Hubby was working on his truck yesterday so Maygan and I took in the
a folk art festival held at the fairgrounds

I don't usually go to this one, but for lack of better things to do and a brake in the rain, we did
Maygan and I both loved this Skeleton!
We are going to make one for Halloween out of one of the many shutters I've collected and are just sitting around

There were quite a few primsters there, along with lots of other arts and crafts too.

They had a Bird of Prey exhibit that I found very interesting
This is Sophia, she was literally a Hoot to watch, pun intended ;)

An Elf Owl, only 7" long and weighs about 1/4#

can't remember what specific breed this guy is


I bought this,
the Indian Corn and Apples from a local grower 

And a Reminder

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I'll post the winner on Saturday morning

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Have a Blessed Week,


  1. Wonderful fall displays Traci!
    Looks like you have a great day!
    Those birds are so cool to look at.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  2. love that skeleton made from the shutter. How creative. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  3. love the birds of prey..especially that little the booth you took the photo of..and I love your fall decor..have a wonderful week.)

  4. Oh, My the birds are breath taking ~ you captured their beauty~
    Just loving your displays~ my fav is the feed sack one~just the perfect touch of fall~
    enjoy your day

  5. Love your displays Traci! And that little owl is so cute and chubby! Looks like a fun festival.

  6. Hi Traci~

    Love the skeleton!! Can't wait to see the one you make. Trying to play catch up after being gone for a couple of weeks. Have a wonderful day.


  7. Hi Tracie, love your displays!! The wire chicken basket is adorable!! And the old box too, I love old boxes.
    Looks like a fun day for you and Maygan. The skeleton is adorable and I like the sack you bought. Gives me an idea for an old sack I have.:-)
    Have a great evening!!

  8. More wonderful....! And I'm so proud of you for showing such restraint with no Halloween yet...When I start, I just can't resist! Can't wait to see what you and Maygan come up for shutter skellies!! Too fun! And, oh - that sweet little elf owl....I would have been tempted to stick him in my pocket and bring him home...Hope you have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Oooh, I see some prims I'd like to have and try to make, Aww, that little elf owl is adorable. We have hawks and falcons around us. They are beautiful.


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