The only way to have a friend is to be one....Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stop by for a Visit

Busy Week?   yes... :)

Things have been just a hopping around here lately.  So much to do and so little time to do it.

I would first like to show off some new goodies that I received this week.

A package from Misi ~ 1890 Gable House arrived at my doorstep yesterday
"Bluebird of Happiness" in a cute and smells divine

and a wax Easter Rabbit - tucked him in a basket with
some cabbage leaves, radishes and a carrot
I didn't know that bunnies smelled so good, he is in the living room and the whole room smells like
this guy!

my favorite 1890 Candle Scent is Iced and Spiced Gable House Tea...OMGosh it is the best!  I had one of Misi's tarts in the warmer last night...heavenly aroma!

Stop by and visit Misi's ....Selling Blog and her 1890 Gable House Wares are also available on picture trail

An unexpected delight showed up in my mailbox on Wednesday
A new CD and card from my sweet friend Janet...
Thank You Janet...I love, ♥, love it!

I got a chuckle when I opened it with Maygan's assistance...she said, "Mom, the girl on the left kind of looks like Flo".....I said Flo who, I don't know anyone named Flo, she says, "Mom, the one from the commericals"
The insurance ads, LOL, must be the lipstick ;)

Been busy sewing, I am really into designing and making "reproduction" 19c. Cloth Animal Toys.
I love the antique ones but they are few and far between, & they can be quite costly.  So I have been making some prim far I have made an Early Dog, Cat and an Elephant.

Also have a couple of my Cubby Quilts in the is a Crazy Quilt design, can't wait to share it.
I still need to do all the pretty hand-stitching, that is my evening work.

Well, I better bug outta here, some housecleaning needs done
and then back to the sewing room.

Have a Great Weekend,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

♥...Family Heirlooms...♥

I did a post (over a year ago) about some of my Family Heirlooms, with a promise to post more.

Well, a long time has past but I got to digging through some things yesterday and decided to share some more
treasures.  Seems I come from a long line of hoarders and thankfully I have many of these items to look through.  Most of these date back to the late 1800's, I never got to meet my grandparents (I was born late in life to my parents) but in a way, I feel like I know them.

This is an old leather bullet pouch containing a lead bullet.
a moth eaten paper inside tells me so 

This is another leather pouch of some kind, looks like it may have been worn on a belt or maybe a saddle

This wooden box belonged to my Aunt
on the bottom it is marked Flemish Art with a number
it's a small treasure chest of sorts
inside I keep rings from my Dad & Grandparents, some jewelry findings and
a pair of spectacles all saved through the years.

This basket keeps many a treasure too (I shared this in the other post)
diaries and journals

Here is a little book with handwritten recipes
Recipes for Ginger Snaps (left page) & Hard Soap w/Lime (right page)

some of the diaries inside the basket

this one is dated 1892 - handwriting of my Great Grandfather Charles Rickerson
There is so much contained on the pages of these diaries (he wrote down everything) from trips to town to buying shoes for the kids.  What was harvested & when, how much wood was cut & who's amazing.

There are little snippets of paper tucked in the inside pocket
a receipt for a post office box dated 1892

And finally this little leather wallet

In my Grandmother's writing it says it was carried by a veteran during the Civil War

The only part of this that I find sad is that generations to come will not have these written accounts of our daily
activities.  We don't keep things like they did back then..


Monday, March 26, 2012

My Homestead Gatherings

Happy March Monday...primmies
Thought I would invite you in on this chilly Spring Day..only in the 30's with a frost/freeze warning tonight

Here we have Lil' Bear Blue in his Antique Wooden Shoe
Blue was never adopted so he's made his home here.
Nestled in with some of my hyacinths that are drying
I ♥ wooden shoes, lots of Dutch Heritage in my blood

A prim gathering of goodes...
hog scrapers, prim doll, trencher, mashers. mallet in a wooden tote

Old wood, crocks and ticking fabric
Stenciled tulip egg I made

Picked this little pottery piece at the GW last trip
pretty flower and blue

I like posting random photos, I think I'll do it more often
it's fun to have friends come in my home

Have a Blessed Day...and keep warm ya hear
♥ Traci

Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Morning Beautiful

Starting off right to a lovely day...but, all good things must come to an end.
Rain this weekend and cooler temps

Some morning pictures of what's bloomin' 

I checked the newspaper this morning, hoping to find some garage sales - no such luck :(
I figured with the weather we've been having maybe, just maybe there would be sales this weekend.  Still too early.

So instead, I have my To~Do List all made out for today, hopefully everything will have a check mark beside it come sundown!  

Wishing all a happy day and a great weekend...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Even Crows have B-Day's

Fly on over to Robin's Nest...The Cranky Crow and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Wishing you the Happiest of Days Robin
graphic courtesy of Something to Crow About
Hugs & ♥ Traci

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 1st Day of Spring ~ Rabbit Giveaway

Well, did you think I forgot ;)

nope, just been in the sewing room this morning trying to finish the last of my bunnies for rabbit season.
I'll introduce them to you in a bit...

The winner of the Rabbit Giveaway is
Granny Trace ~ Granny Trace Scraps & Squares

Thanks to everyone who played here's the kicker
first one to comment on this post and on my selling blog post from today will also get a Rabbit who's just about a twin to the one that's pictured.
We'll see who is paying attention ;)  Surprise!

Thank you to all who followed, played along and signed up for my giveaway.

So now if you'd like to meet Big Jack and Mini Nutmeg ~click here~
here's Big Jack peeking at ya...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Egg Hunt Winner~Tomorrow's Rabbit Drawing and New Offerings

Onto a new work week~

This winner of last week's Egg Hunt is

Lori ~ Applegrove Treasures
(email me Lori with your mailing info, please)

And today is the last day to sign up for the Rabbit Giveaway
tomorrow, the 1st Day of Spring...the winner will be announced

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has taken part in the Egg Hunts and the Rabbit Giveaway.
Thank You~Thank You

I spent some time in the woodshop this weekend, warm outside and didn't have to fire up the heater to take the chill off.

I created a couple of Early Style Wares
love how these turned out
Primitive String Keeps

Also made some new pillows
here's just a couple of them

If you want to take a peek at all of my new offerings, they are listed on my website
~click here~ to see what's new

Have a Great Day Friends,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rabbits...Ticks...& Frog Eggs

Happy Sunday!

Another incredible day today in the weather department.  Wow is all I can say, normally we still have snow on the ground this time of year.

So..for the title of the post

Yesterday while on a walk we found the first 
Frog Eggs of the Season
won't be long and we'll see little tads swimming around

for the Tick part of the title
Please if you have pets that are outdoors or ever venture out
check them for ticks!
I have found two on my kitty in the last 3 days and last night I spotted one on my dog.  (luckily none of them had gotten a chance to embed themselves yet)
They have both been spending more time outside with the nice weather.

Before this spring, I have only ever found 3 ticks on my animals in the 15 years I have lived here.

I think it's going to be a bad, bad season for fleas and ticks because of the mild winter we had.  Even with flea and tick protection a daily check also.

Now for the Rabbits...

just finished up a couple of Rabbits..after all it's Rabbit Season
Just listed a couple of Hares on my selling can find them here

Have a Great day..enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your Daily Drive...

No, not the morning commute...what's your daily drive

what gets you moving in the morning and what keeps you going all day?

For me, well, I have to say my morning staple is lots o' coffee
♥ my coffee, brewing a pot is one of the first tasks of the day

I'm not much of one for eating breakfast, never have been, just coffee please

Then it's music that keeps me going all day.  I always, always have the radio on when creating.

The volume gets turned up when a favorite comes on
...keeps the juices flowing for me.

Sitting at the sewing machine or standing at the cutting counter
I'll be found dancin' and singin' away.
(picture that, well don't cause it's not pretty, LOL)

My favorite is country...I was raised on country music, guess it runs deep
you can throw in a little classic rock, 80's and just a wee bit of 90's too
It's all good

A couple of my current favorites (these are the ones that get real loud)
these link ya up to youtube
Luke Bryan - Drunk On You  (just ordered CD♥)

So, what's your daily drive?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's like heaven....I tell ya!
Late afternoon yesterday I stepped away from the craft room, just couldn't take looking outside at the lovely day any longer.  My hands were in the dirt (and very dirty) for the first time this year♥

If you don't know me...I love "outside", my gardens, the fresh spring smell, the sunshine..just nature in general.

While I've been forcing Spring inside....things are happening outside too.

the first tiny lil' jonquil forced open in a teacup
had some fun photographing it
I like the shadow in this one
same as first..with flash
it's a wee little bloom, only 1" across

purple/blue hyacinth
late bloomer to my pink and yellow ones

and outside we have pretty crocus, opened up to the sun yesterday

I did manage to finish the prize for Week #4 - Egg Hunt
here it is...Spring Chick in Jello Mold, Prim Peep in a Peat Pot and 3 of my Large Antiqued Eggs
(Pink, Blue & Lavender)

I would like to Welcome and say Hello to my new friends who have visited and signed on to follow my blog in the last few days.  Great to have you and look forward to getting to know you.

And to all my regular peeps...I love ya!  You make bloggin' fun, always appreciate your comments and visits!

Raising my Coffee Cup to toast ya...Cheers

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Weekend Nemesis....conquered


1.  A source of harm or ruin
2.  An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome

But alas...I have overcome and conquered
My Weekend Nemesis

Why do I label my newest creation as a nemesis...well you see, when I am really into a project...
I can't walk away, it's an addiction of sorts.  The house could fall down around me and I would probably ignore it ;)

Just for the record, hubby finally did the sink full of dishes yesterday, LOL

So here it is...My inspiration came from antique Crocks and Stoneware
you know the ones with the pretty BLUE designs on  them..birds, floral motifs, squiggles, yeah those ones.

Just freely drew the design onto burlap (I don't do much rug hooking and it's all I had on hand)

I did walk away long enough to replenish my body with food and drink, 
oh and I even took Maygan sandal shopping yesterday BUT
when we returned was right back to hooking

Here it is..

It's the biggest hooking project I have done so far...I think it is my 4th, it measures about 12" x 12".  The edges are not exactly straight but that's okay, maybe someday I will get better at this art..  Practice & Patience.

Bluebird Bliss,

Easter Egg Hunt - week #4 an Easy One

Happy Monday Morning Friends!

Wow, is all I can say, we had a Spring Day of all Spring Days yesterday.  It was filled with sunshine and temps in the mid 60's.  Our weekly forecast says it's supposed to be much the same all week...then watch we'll have a St. Patrick's Day blizzard ;)

The Egg Hunt is now in it's final week...this week I'm going to make it super simple 
Just leave a comment on this post to be entered, that's it.

This week's Prize


Thanks to all the ladies that participated in last weeks' hunt, there was work involved in that one.

The winner of Week # 3 
Mary ~ Marmmies Mammy's & More

Congratulations Mary!


I've got a busy day planned...lots of catching up to do.  The old Singer will be just a hummin' as I got a little side-tracked this weekend, hehe.

Have a Great Day!

Shoot...forgot to tell you the riddle answers...anyway, you didn't have to be correct to be entered, just as long  as you emailed or posted answers all three riddles.

The correct answers are
Monday - Marshmallow Peeps
Wednesday - Basket
Friday - Chocolate Bunny

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Giggles at 3:30am,

has been giggling ever since and is having more fun with a ball of yarn than

a whole bunch of kitties?

BFF's Maygan and Reagan

It was sleepover weekend...early dismissal from school yesterday led to a fun
afternoon for these two girls followed by a sleepless, laughter filled night and waffles for breakfast.  They have been BFF's since preschool.

Maygan and Reagan share rhyming names and were born the same day, same year.

Right now they are trying to untangle my house which has yarn in and around everything in every room.

Girls Just want to have Fun!

Oh, and Reagan says she likes my house better because I have more fun things and say "yes" more often than her mom, LOL...

Smiling and Giggling too,

Friday, March 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt - Week #3...Riddle #3

The last and final for a week full of riddles
some answers and reactions have given me the giggles ;)

All those playing along with the  Easter Egg have until Saturday night, March 10th to either email your answers or post on your blog.  If posting, please leave a link to your post in the comment section of  
Monday's Post   <----link for you <------

Friday's Riddle

Dating way back to the early 1800's, I'm sweet as can be,my popularity no wonder
Spring is the season of rebirth & growth, I've long been associated as a symbol of them both
molded and tucked in a pretty hidden basket,
if someone steals may just blow a gasket

If you missed Monday's Riddle ~click here~
Tuesday's Riddle ~click here~

For entry into this week's drawing, I must have your answers to all 3 riddles.  This week's winner and the last of the Egg Hunts will be posted Monday, March 12th.

You will also receive your weekly bonus entry into the Rabbit Giveaway ---drawing is 3/20 (if you are not signed better get to hoppin!)
as with all giveaway' must be a current follower of my blog

Egg Hunt Week #3 Prize
Prim Bunny Door Greeter

Now that my brain is tired from all these links, rhymes and riddles
It's time for me to say so long, good day wishes I pass along
Meet me here Monday to see the rhyming riddles revealed
I ♥ when you visit my ☺ can't be concealed



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