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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rabbits...Ticks...& Frog Eggs

Happy Sunday!

Another incredible day today in the weather department.  Wow is all I can say, normally we still have snow on the ground this time of year.

So..for the title of the post

Yesterday while on a walk we found the first 
Frog Eggs of the Season
won't be long and we'll see little tads swimming around

for the Tick part of the title
Please if you have pets that are outdoors or ever venture out
check them for ticks!
I have found two on my kitty in the last 3 days and last night I spotted one on my dog.  (luckily none of them had gotten a chance to embed themselves yet)
They have both been spending more time outside with the nice weather.

Before this spring, I have only ever found 3 ticks on my animals in the 15 years I have lived here.

I think it's going to be a bad, bad season for fleas and ticks because of the mild winter we had.  Even with flea and tick protection a daily check also.

Now for the Rabbits...

just finished up a couple of Rabbits..after all it's Rabbit Season
Just listed a couple of Hares on my selling can find them here

Have a Great day..enjoy!


  1. Good morning Traci~
    I'm glad that those of you who are enjoying spring temps are sharing pics of your flowers and other signs of spring. It's snowing ever so gently this morning on top of the already rain soaked ground. Somehow, it is a peaceful feeling and I am enjoying it. Perhaps because it is without WIND!
    I do agree with you about ticks and fleas, this year may be really bad since the winter was so mild.
    Your new rabbit is darling. Our resident rabbit came out for a bit this morning to eat breakfast but he didn't stay long. He lives in the wood pile behind our fence. Fun to watch.
    Enjoy your Sunday~

  2. Traci
    I was just at the vet a few weeks ago, they were fore warning everyone to start treatment early, we never had a hard freeze here and only a few mornings with a light frost on the ground
    Fleas and ticks are horrible and it is too early in the season for that, we just came home from getting treatment to put on our yard in hopes that it will help. And I treat my dogs every month and also bathe them in Good tick and flea shampoo.

    Sweet rabbit

  3. Beautiful Rabbit Traci. I am deathly afraid of ticks. I just sit there and cry when I have to check myself. I once found one crawling in my hair and let out the most frightening scream. Ewe.....
    Most people look for the first Robin and you are looking for the first frog eggs. How fun. We used to catch tadpoles in the irrigation ditch. Glad you are enjoying the good weather. It snowed here yesterday. Yuck. -Steph-

  4. Yes, it is so warm so early. We are in the 80's when it normally should be in the 50's. Your rabbit is sweet.

  5. Rabbits, Ticks and Frog Eggs? Oh My! Thanks for the warning Traci re: ticks. Yucky little things. The pic of the frog eggs is gross but cool! LOL And your new rabbit is awesome-different! Have a good week ~*~Lisa

  6. I too have noticed that fleas are already pretty bad here in Ky.It is going to be a rough year for my lil dog as she is allergic to the flea preventives.Love your new rabbit!Hugs,Jen

  7. I love your new hare. It was a bad summer last year for fleas and ticks here. Even with treatment they kept coming back on my daughter's dogs and cats. Even our kitties got them and they don't go out.

  8. Our veterinarian told us that the ticks and fleas will be bad this year. At least your bunnies won;t get fleas and ticks :o)

  9. Well, hands down - loving the rabbits the best of the three critters in your title. ;o) What a darling little hare he is! I might have been mistaken, but I actually think I heard the frog song yesterday...I LOVE frog songs!! that's an entirely and grossly disgusting story...but you're right....time to haul out the meds.... Wishing you a delightful week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. LOVE the rabbits! Tammy of Summerville SC

  11. LOVE the rabbits! Tammy of Summerville SC


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