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Monday, March 26, 2012

My Homestead Gatherings

Happy March Monday...primmies
Thought I would invite you in on this chilly Spring Day..only in the 30's with a frost/freeze warning tonight

Here we have Lil' Bear Blue in his Antique Wooden Shoe
Blue was never adopted so he's made his home here.
Nestled in with some of my hyacinths that are drying
I ♥ wooden shoes, lots of Dutch Heritage in my blood

A prim gathering of goodes...
hog scrapers, prim doll, trencher, mashers. mallet in a wooden tote

Old wood, crocks and ticking fabric
Stenciled tulip egg I made

Picked this little pottery piece at the GW last trip
pretty flower and blue

I like posting random photos, I think I'll do it more often
it's fun to have friends come in my home

Have a Blessed Day...and keep warm ya hear
♥ Traci


  1. Love the teddy he looks so worn and loved.Thanks for the visit but next time I'll need some hot tea.Brrr chilly out there this morning.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I hadn't thought about the wooden shoes, that works!! Great photos!

  3. Thanks for sharing the great photos from around your home... Love the teddy in the wooden shoe -- what a good idea and so cute! I like to incorporate some of my heritage in my decorating, too. All your vignettes are so nicely put together -- you have a knack!!
    Hope you enjoy this chilly day!! The sun will be shining but the wind will be blowing, making it feel even colder than it is.... a good day to stay inside and stitch....

  4. Good Morning Traci! Love your displays! Everything looks Beautiful1 Enjoy your day. Brrrr!!!!!

  5. Thanks for having me in for a chilly Spring visit.
    Love your sweet bear and things.
    Hugs Trace

  6. Hi, Traci~ So many pretties to warm us up on a chilly spring morn~ not looking forward to the temps tonight I heard may go down to 25 here~ going to cover blooms up~ but my trees are in trouble, crabs, dogwood,cherry & pear~ ugh~
    have a great Monday~

  7. Love your gatherings, and those wooden crocks!!!!

  8. Traci ~ I do enjoy the pics from around your home!
    I hope you decide to randomly post them once in awhile!
    Thanks for inviting us in ~ it makes us feel a little bit warmer ~ since it's so cold outside today!!!
    Lovely displays!
    Prim Blessings

  9. Beautiful photos and displays!

  10. Sweet! Can you believe I'm Pennsylvania Dutch and I don't have any of the Dutch wooden shoes. Which reminds me of a gentleman friend I had when I was young whose name was Dutch. He was so kind. Traci, you've inspired me to get me some wooden Dutch shoes :o)

  11. Oh....I'm loving your randomness Miss Traci! Such delightful gatherings....gotta say, that Lil' Bear Blue warmed my heart....Frigid here in Nod as well - and they're saying white stuff.....please, let it not be so! Smiles & Warm Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Trac,love your pics! The bear is adorable and looks perfect in the wood shoe.Yep they are saying frost for us as well,hope that they are wrong.LOL!Hugs,Jen

  13. Love seeing your pretty pictures! I just love them! Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed!


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