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Friday, March 30, 2012

Stop by for a Visit

Busy Week?   yes... :)

Things have been just a hopping around here lately.  So much to do and so little time to do it.

I would first like to show off some new goodies that I received this week.

A package from Misi ~ 1890 Gable House arrived at my doorstep yesterday
"Bluebird of Happiness" in a cute and smells divine

and a wax Easter Rabbit - tucked him in a basket with
some cabbage leaves, radishes and a carrot
I didn't know that bunnies smelled so good, he is in the living room and the whole room smells like
this guy!

my favorite 1890 Candle Scent is Iced and Spiced Gable House Tea...OMGosh it is the best!  I had one of Misi's tarts in the warmer last night...heavenly aroma!

Stop by and visit Misi's ....Selling Blog and her 1890 Gable House Wares are also available on picture trail

An unexpected delight showed up in my mailbox on Wednesday
A new CD and card from my sweet friend Janet...
Thank You Janet...I love, ♥, love it!

I got a chuckle when I opened it with Maygan's assistance...she said, "Mom, the girl on the left kind of looks like Flo".....I said Flo who, I don't know anyone named Flo, she says, "Mom, the one from the commericals"
The insurance ads, LOL, must be the lipstick ;)

Been busy sewing, I am really into designing and making "reproduction" 19c. Cloth Animal Toys.
I love the antique ones but they are few and far between, & they can be quite costly.  So I have been making some prim far I have made an Early Dog, Cat and an Elephant.

Also have a couple of my Cubby Quilts in the is a Crazy Quilt design, can't wait to share it.
I still need to do all the pretty hand-stitching, that is my evening work.

Well, I better bug outta here, some housecleaning needs done
and then back to the sewing room.

Have a Great Weekend,


  1. Hi Traci,
    Wonderful goodies!
    I always love Misi's creations.
    I've been drooling over your reproduction toys lately.
    Awesome job on them.
    They look just like the old ones!!

  2. Happy Friday Traci~
    Lucky gal you are! The pretties from Misi are amazing and I'm thinking that the tart you mentioned is something I'd like as well. Love to have a good aroma flowing through the house! Will have to check her selling blog out and the bunny in the basket you arranged is darling. Love it!
    Hope you have a great weekend. Our weather is cold, wet and chilly again.
    Had to get the wood stove started up again to take the chill off!
    Take care.

  3. Hi, Traci
    oh, I can smell Misi's goodies~ love how you displayed the bunny with the veggies in a basket~
    have an awesome weekend~

  4. Good Morning Traci! Lol! Maygan is right. That soooo does look like Flo from the Insurance commercials. Give her the Funky hair style and it's pretty darn close!
    Love your new goodies from Misi. I'm a big fan of bunnies, anyways.
    I so Love your reproduction animals. You do such amazing work and the time you put into these, Wow!
    Enjoy your weekend! It's cold and raining here in Wisconsin. We have an inch of rain in our rain guage already.

  5. Good morning Traci, wonderful goodies you recieved. I have been wanting to try Misi's candles for sometime now, I have heard nothing but great things about them. The scent that you mentioned sounds very yummy is something I would like, will have to stop over there and check them out. Gosh there calling for a few inches of snow you believe it? Where or where did the 80's go....Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Hugs Mary

  6. Wonderful goodies you got from Misi ~ that bird looks so sweet in that basket!!!
    Maygans right ~ she does kinda look like Flo!!!
    Can't wait to see what you've been working on!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  7. I'm a huge, huge, fan of Miss Misi's wax goodes....Love that bunny and the bird....and you have them displayed so sweetly!! Maygan's right - she does look like Flo! Too funny. I caught a passing glimpse of your darling elephant - I keep holding out thinking some day I'm going to find a real old kitty - but I might have to commission you instead. You're right, they're few and far between and I think I'd have to trade Little Crow in to be able to get it even if I found it. Hope the day is good to you - dreary and a bone chilling rain coming down here in Nod....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Been loving those toys of yesteryear you've been creating.The Elephant was adorable.Sweet goodies from Misi.Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs!~Amy

  9. isn't it funny...the interpretations kids have of who looks like who? I was still getting real estate from California yet a while ago. The realtor that was sending it was the absolutely beautiful blonde. Her picture was on the emails. Kaden told me one day I looked like her! I wasn't going to argue...even though it was FAR from the truth, lol. I kept getting the emails for awhile after that...just so I'd giggle every time I saw her face! I'd toss my hair...and say..."Oh my...I'm such a pretty girl!" Heheheee....

  10. Oh, thanks so much for sharing. Misi's goodes are diving. You lucky girl. I am sure your entire home smells wonderful!



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