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Saturday, March 3, 2012

One hour...Ghost Hunt, Treasure Hunt..discoveries

With an hour to discoveries

Yesterday my sweet May had to help attend a Girl Scout Cookie booth set up at our local bank..the time slot she was to fill was from 4:00 - 5:00pm

rather than drive back home, I decided to, well, just drive

Went to our small town park, just to look at the scenery
found pretty wild rosehips growing along the banks of
the Brokenstraw Creek
The name Brokenstraw comes from the Indian word Cushanadauga meaning "broken grass".
There was a large Indian settlement in these parts.
resembles a river this time of year, fast flowing waters at levels much higher than normal

After my brief visit to the park..with minutes still remaining from my hour to kill
I drove west...

what could have been a ghost hunt ended up being a treasure hunt of sorts
Within the walls of this 1810 House - originally built in 1790 by Mr. Andrews in Pittsfield, PA
Treasure, I tell ya!

Let me share a little history of this lovely building....then I'll show you more

Most of the floors, windows and siding are original to the house...the front door was replaced, it once had two front doors, one for ladies & one for gents.

It is said to be haunted, the second floor is home to a ghost..yes, I did go up there.  No siting's rumored that there was a picture taken of a child sleeping in a crib and when the film was developed it showed a woman's figure standing over the sleeping child.

ooooo, I love ghost stories!

With a long history of being home to many different business and trades, the building currently houses
Quiltessentials and Anita's Homespun Treasures

If you can believe..I live about 10 minutes from this treasure and have never visited.
Seems I was always in a rush when passing by or passing by after business hours.

But yesterday...driving by, I seen lights on...
then came my brake lights..turned around and went inside

The owners Melanie and Anita graciously let me take some photos to share

Anita's Goods
hand-dyed wool, fiber, wool felt, wool yarn & patterns

Melanie offers up the quilting-essentials end of the business
a peek at just one wall of her fabrics
She carries Moda, Andover, Red Rooster & Windam to name a few.

Beautiful Quilt, one of many for sale

And just my luck....they were having a SALE yesterday...30% off your entire purchase!
give me a B- give me an O- N-U-S!

It's a good thing the minutes remaining from my hour were very limited, I could have gone crazy wild

This is what I managed to come home with in only 15 minutes->

Wool aka doll hair

And just so you know..I did manage to pick up Maygan on time ;)

Forcing spring is working
my hyacinths are starting to color yet

Anyway..I believe I spent my hour/60 minutes very well...super excited to return to the 1810 House when I have more time to kill.

Thanks for coming along....Traci

Say a prayer for our friends and neighbors in the storm ravaged areas of the US... I pray for their safety and rebuilding of their broken homes & lives.  My heart goes out to you....


  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun in your spare time :) Too bad you didn't see a ghost! I am sure you will enjoy your next visit there even more :D Sending prayers to everyone affected by the storms...we are getting the winds from them up here in Ontario and they are blowing over 90 kms an hr and doing some damage :( Have a great weekend!

    hugs, Trish

  2. Wow! That was one busy hour! The house/shop is just lovely.Love old buildings with history and the old ghost stories. Can't wait to see what you create with your new fabrics.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. What a fun-packed hour!!! Wow!! Can't believe you've lived so close to that wonderful place and had never been there! I LOVE the building - and the stories!! I don't think Nod had any buildings in 1790.... ;o) Fun finds too - great fabrics.....and ooooo....dis someone say WOOL?!! ;o) Have a great weekend Traci girl! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I must say you spent that hour very well! What a wonderful post and the stories as well! The building is awesome. Love your new fabrics. can't wait to see what you make out of your finds you purchased. Enjoy your weekend! We had a snow storm here in Wisconsin yesterday thru this morning. We got about 6 inches were I live. My prayers go out to thise effected by the storm!

  5. I love old buildings...great story on this one...I am going to look up this fabric store and see if she ships...I am LOVING that blue fabric you got...that is a pattern I have always wanted. Have a great weekend Traci!! Mary

  6. Very productive use of time, Traci (giggles)!
    Love the fabrics. Can't you just stay in those
    stores forever?

  7. You had a fulfilling hour. What a wonderful old building. If the walls could talk. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Oh Traci, time well burned! Love your stops and those fabrics are beautiful just displayed as is. That entrance to that old house is built strong it looks. I like the boxy look of it. Thanks for sharing darlin'!

  9. Looks like you did find a treasure trove. I don't know how you got out in 15 minutes. My son was a Boy Scout so I remember those days. Have a great Sunday afternoon.

  10. Hi Traci,
    lovely and informative post! Time well spent and wonderful purchases.

  11. What a wonderful hour.
    Thanks for taking us along. Love your basket of goodie too
    Hugs Trace

  12. Traci, I'm signed up to do the Wildwind show this year and I am planning on stopping in at Anita's. Can't wait to see the store!! I have trouble finding hand dyed wool close to home. If you come to the show, stop in and say Hi!! Sounds like you had a great adventure--I'm sure you will be hitting that store often!! :) Jan


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