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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's get CrAzY....

One of my favorite textiles to collect and admire are quilts.  Maybe it's the endless warmth that they provide or just the fact that most quilts were made with love by women for their families.  Generally quilts were made out of necessity, many in a make-do fashion from worn out clothes, bedding, etc.

There are so many types of quilts and quilting techniques...I love patch quilts the most, but
I am also drawn to Crazy Quilts.  Someday I hope to own one, I do have a small antique crazy quilt square that I picked up at a flea market last summer...the fabrics are worn and tattered but I'm still crazy about it.

Unlike most quilts, Crazy Quilts were usually not intended for use, they were more of a "fashion statement" in the late 1800's.  To read more about the history of Crazy Quilts ~click here~ a wonderful article written by Betty Pillsbury and Rita Vainius on The Caron Collection site.

The feature of the Crazy Quilt that I admire most is the beautiful all those pretty, fancy stitches.  

Yesterday...I tried my hand at a Crazy Quilt block, now please remember I am a novice at all those fancy stitches and I have never pieced a crazy quilt before.   But, this is my rendition..

I didn't use a pattern or guide for the piecing, just pieced as I went along.  Used different fabrics with different textures, made one mistake in the piecing but tried to conceal it as best I could (there was no going back, LOL)  I used vintage cotton threads for the stitches and mixed them up a bit.

I think it turned out pretty cool...

And...that's my Craziness in a 12" square!


  1. Your crazy quilt square turned out really nice. I love the different fabric types joined together. Keep going and one day you'll have a quilt. :o}

  2. It's wonderful. Well done!

  3. I have a crazy quilt pillow top that is really old. It is made of velvet and lace. I love. it. Yours is really good. Have a good day.

  4. Wow! I'd never have said it was a first attempt - it looks wonderful!
    Crazy quilting is sthg I'd love to have a go at!
    Best wishes

  5. You did great!!Yay! I love crazy patch!

  6. A wonderful beginning to your very own crazy quilt. Your square looks great. I had an Aunt who use to make quilts and pillows like this all the time. Sure wish I had taken the time to let her show me all those fancy stitches. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend

  7. Wow! Crazy is the thought that YOU can't do everything... There isn't anything that you can't do & do well!- Fabulous crazy stitching here Traci! {{HUGS}}

  8. Traci,
    I love how your "12" square of craziness" turned out! I've always loved those that I've come across in my travels. Quilts in general but the crazy quilt pattern and stitching is such eye candy.
    TFS your work.


  9. Hi, Traci~ Pretty crazy~ giggles~ love the colors~ looks wonderful`
    enjoy the day

  10. I just knew you had a fair dose of crazy in you! ;o) This is GORGEOUS Traci!! Love it (and yummy colors!) The stitching in those crazy quilts always fascinated me. I have a little lap size throw that my great grandmother did - unfortunately, it is made out of old men's silk ties (well, I don't know that the men were old - but the ties were....) - but the silk has disintegrated in places, so I can't really display it anymore - but her stitching is impeccable - and she did it late in life so it amazes me even more. I think you should move on to full size!! Misi's right - there isn't anything you don't/can't do - and do it all amazingly well! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Excellent job Traci!!! One would never know that this was your first time trying your hand at a crazy quilt. It came out so awesome!! Gosh gal, what is there that you can't do?? heheh Your so very talented and such an inspiration!! Wishing you a wonderful day. Hugs Mary

  12. Awesome job!
    Love it.

  13. holy cow you are a natural..I love did a great job..I'm just sayin..;)

  14. Girlfriend I love it too. Did you hand stitch it all?
    I so love quilts. I just love seeing beautiful stitches. Especially in old quilts.
    Hugs Trace

  15. Fantastic! Love your crazy quilt square and feel that you should definitely go for a full-sized quilt. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


  16. Excellent job Traci! I love it :-) I'd have to make this kinda craziness in small doses... lol. Love those fancy stitches ;o)

  17. Always love to hear of the history of days gone by! Thank-You!
    Wonderful job on your crazy 12" square!!!
    Prim Blessings

  18. Love you crazy quilt square. I didn't see any mistake...looks all good to me. Have a great day.



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