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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

♥...Family Heirlooms...♥

I did a post (over a year ago) about some of my Family Heirlooms, with a promise to post more.

Well, a long time has past but I got to digging through some things yesterday and decided to share some more
treasures.  Seems I come from a long line of hoarders and thankfully I have many of these items to look through.  Most of these date back to the late 1800's, I never got to meet my grandparents (I was born late in life to my parents) but in a way, I feel like I know them.

This is an old leather bullet pouch containing a lead bullet.
a moth eaten paper inside tells me so 

This is another leather pouch of some kind, looks like it may have been worn on a belt or maybe a saddle

This wooden box belonged to my Aunt
on the bottom it is marked Flemish Art with a number
it's a small treasure chest of sorts
inside I keep rings from my Dad & Grandparents, some jewelry findings and
a pair of spectacles all saved through the years.

This basket keeps many a treasure too (I shared this in the other post)
diaries and journals

Here is a little book with handwritten recipes
Recipes for Ginger Snaps (left page) & Hard Soap w/Lime (right page)

some of the diaries inside the basket

this one is dated 1892 - handwriting of my Great Grandfather Charles Rickerson
There is so much contained on the pages of these diaries (he wrote down everything) from trips to town to buying shoes for the kids.  What was harvested & when, how much wood was cut & who's amazing.

There are little snippets of paper tucked in the inside pocket
a receipt for a post office box dated 1892

And finally this little leather wallet

In my Grandmother's writing it says it was carried by a veteran during the Civil War

The only part of this that I find sad is that generations to come will not have these written accounts of our daily
activities.  We don't keep things like they did back then..



  1. You are so lucky to have these family treasures passed on down to you. These days people hang onto the wrong things that will have no meaning in years to come. I'm fascinated by the handwritten word of years gone by.

  2. How lucky to have such items. I still to this day think of an old hoosier cupboard my Grandma had. She kept it up at her cottage...ohhh how I loved that cabinet even then. I remember asking her about it once...and she said my cousin wanted it too. I honestly don't think any of us got it. She married a man who pretty much sold everything she had!! Have a wonderful day Traci!

  3. Good Morning Traci,
    I never got to meet my Grandparents either.
    So wonderful that you have some wonderful treasures from them.
    I believe the box that was your Aunts was a glove box ~ looks simular to the one I have except mine isn't painted.
    I just Love the old journals and diaries ~ wonderful pieces!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Prim Blessings

  4. Wow Traci!I love the history in these items,what a blessing to have them.Love the penmanship too.So glad that you shared some of your treasures us.Hugs,Jen

  5. Hi Traci! Great bunch of family items you have! I especially love the Civil War things -- my husband has always been interested in things from that time, and it has rubbed off on me!

    I have been blessed with hundreds of letters my father wrote to his mom while he was away in the service. Since my father died when I was 11, these letters have enabled me to "know" him better..... I love that I have them!! My grandmother kept everything!
    I wrote out a journal during the year 2000 of events that went on in our family -- for my children and grandchildren to have one day. There's nothing terribly interesting in there, but it does give a glimpse into our life at that time!
    Have a great day!

  6. What a wonderful post, Traci! So sad for you, that you didn't get to know your grandparents, but you are so fortunate to have such lovely family treasures! I knew my grandparents, but I don't have any treasures, except maybe a tin of buttons, that were maybe my grandma's. I love seeing things that families keep and pass down. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  7. Traci~ Although I have plenty of old stuff not much is from family.You are lucky to have treasures that have been handed down.The civil war leather wallet is just awesome! I love the old diaries and journals too,I pick them up when I can just to read the simple things of everyday life of a gone by era.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Traci, Most wonderful things to "hoard"!!! Love them all !! OLM

  9. My goodness Traci, these heirlooms are remarkable and even moreso that you have them to pass on. I love seeing the old historical penmanship. Thanks for sharing :o)

  10. You are gifted - and blessed beyond measure....I knew you were special - but, wow - truly so in so many ways. What wonderful treasures by any measure - but, that they came from family makes them 100fold priceless. We have so little in tangible family history. My paternal grandparents died before I was ever born - my maternal grandfather died when I was 3, and my maternal grandmother had so many grandchildren, I was just "one of many." I would love these things as a stranger - I can only imagine what they mean to family. Thank you for sharing..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Hi Traci,oh my stars,so gifted to have family treaures such as that. Family history is a blessing to have, Francine.

  12. Traci~ oh, what family heirlooms you have~ the writing just is so beautiful~why did they stop teaching us to write like this~ oh, my~the box with the jewelry just has captivated me~
    thanks for sharing your family's memories~

  13. I saw this posting, old as it is, in passing looking for a civil war wallet. I would like to identify for you two of your ancestor's items. The first is the "bullet pouch" It is actually a cap pouch used to hold percussion caps for his rifle, like the primer on a modern cartridge. The second "bag" is really an M1861 cartridge box. The box carried 40 rounds. There should be or were two tin boxes, each divided into two compartments. The top compartment held loose rounds up to 10. The bottom compartment held an unopened package of 10 rounds. The flap has two slits that at one time mounted an oval lead filled brass plate that said "US" in bold letters. The small pouch held items for maintenance of his rifle.

    Thank you for posting these heirlooms and artifacts. Treat them well as they not only are your ancestor's legacy, but are museum pieces that represent a period of history that still affects us today. They are also worth a lot of money and should be carefully stored and insured.

    I hope this information will help you enjoy your family history a little more.


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