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Monday, February 27, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt - Week #2

We are moving onto week #2...if you are a new visitor to my Easter Egg can ~click here~ to read more on what it's all about.

First I will share the unaltered photo from last week's Egg Hunt
The lens flare is next to the hidden egg...So did you find it?

The Winner of Week #1
~Spring Chick Pillow~
#11 - Carmen ...."The Prim Cat"
(I used to pick the winner)

This week my plans changed for the Egg Hunt, time just got away from me and I was unprepared so
Week #2's Hunt is to tell me how many Easter Eggs you find in this picture

For your entry, leave a comment on this post only telling me how many eggs you found.  Count'em carefully, those who get the correct number of eggs will be entered into this week's drawing.

Prize for Week #2
Milk, White & Dark Chocolate Bunny Bowl Fillers
(pattern by AnniesCupboards)

I will reveal the number of Easter Eggs, along with this week's winner next Monday, March 5th.  You have until then to enter.

Bunny Hugs,

P.S.  Don't forget - everyone that participates in the weekly egg hunt will receive another entry (up to four if you participate each week) into my
(and yes, you will get your extra entry even if you don't guess the correct number of eggs this week)

For Extra entries to the Easter Rabbit  must get yourself signed up on the Easter Rabbit Giveaway post only...~click here~ to take you there
*to enter giveaways you must be a follower of my blog, new followers are welcome

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Confusion... the legalities ... I'm confused

On FB today there as a link to a post about the legalities of Pinterest.  I have seen different articles of late about this same subject, each one adding a bit more to my confusion on the subject of...

"Am I taking part in illegal publishing of artists', photographers', publishers', etc. work"

I, in no way want to be a part of something that is even the least bit questionable.  So, I am offering up a bit of advice as well as taking on a mission to at least take some of the questions out of the equation. 

I have put a "Content Sharing Policy" on all of my websites, blogs, etc.

I do allow pinning from all of them with one exception...   a link to my original post or site must be provided.
So, you can NOT right click and save my picture to upload onto Pinterest, you must pin it as a link.
Another safe guard to take is to....put your name on all photos...I label mine with York Mountain Primitives, that way my original photos (even though they are not that great anyway) could not, for the most part, be used for profit.  

So simple to do.......

**This is my policy found on the right sidebar of this blog**

Any and all content of this site or any site owned by me, (Traci Stoddard) that is shared via the Web, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest must be accompanied by a link to the original site from which it was shared.

If everyone in the wonderful online world would add a Content Sharing Policy to their sites, it would take out any question as to whether their site contents are open for sharing/pinning.

I really don't believe that users of Pinterest have any ill intent when they pin someone's content, but, the law is the law.  If you read the terms of use on Pinterest (the fine print when you signed up)  it is actually quite scary what you are agreeing to.  

I have asked the writer of the shared FB link if I can post a link to her blog post about this subject...If I get a response, I will share the link with you all.  She is not only a photographer but a lawyer as well.

Just received permission to share link
~click here~ to read Kristen's at DDK Portraits post

So, for the time being, I am going to keep my Pinterest account (I think I will just look and not pin though) 
I am in the process of deleting all boards that contain other peoples photos though..not taking a chance


Saturday, February 25, 2012

~Forcing Spring~

Bringing you a Breath of Spring today, dear friends.

forcing Hyacinth Bulbs in wine carafes 
I picked the bulbs up at the local feedstore at 60% off, they were already starting to sprout

the bulbs are mixed colors so it will be a surprise for me to see their prettiness emerge
There was Purple, Yellow, White and Pink in the bulb sack
displayed the bottles in an old wire milk carrier with burlap

Green Transferware Cup picked up at the GW for $.79
was to be a pin keep...but I think it'll be pretty with
little yellow Narcissus

While I'm forcing Spring inside....  outside today Olde Man Winter is rearing his head
Mr. Cardinal came to eat this morning
Pretty White Blanket laid last night
after all the high winds blew through
We lost power for a couple of hours, but all is well


Offering up 4 different Teacup Pin Keeps on my selling blog today
~click here~  to see them
$12.00 each

No plans for travel's still snowing...we'll just have to see what the day brings.

♥♥ Traci  ♥♥

Friday, February 24, 2012

Olde Prim Bedroom Vignette - Creamy Whites

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Night
(it all depends on when you're visiting and where you're visiting from)

Yesterday I did some prim primping in the bedroom, redoing my Primitive Peg Rack Vignette.
Well, it's not exactly White or Creamy but more Aged and Dirty.

Some Old, Some Newly made...but made to look Old

Old Bonnet, Linens, Child's Gown, Shoes and Baby Photo

Quilt Pillow, Pips, Dove Make-do and small Oak Basket

I love to collect treasures, can you tell....

Please don't forget to sign-up for my weekly Egg Hunt drawing, winner will be chosen Monday ~click here~ if you haven't joined in
while you're at it...~click here~ enter my Easter Rabbit Giveaway 

if I could ask you all to say a prayer for my hubby, he is going on a little roadtrip soon to visit an old
army buddy he hasn't seen in years.  He just found him last week after losing contact for years, his friend has stage 4 cancer and he wants to visit him before it's too late.  I pray for a safe journey, a welcomed and long overdue visit and a safe return home to his family.

Blessings ~n~ Hugs,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Handy Household Helper.... Wrapping Paper Cutter from Recycled Box

It's a time-saver, no need to get the scissors out each time you need a piece of wrapping paper

plus, it's a good way to reuse & recycle

The large Freezer Paper Boxes work best...make sure it has the metal cutting edge

Cut your roll of wrapping paper to the correct length, I used a razor knife..
I think a band saw or jigsaw would be easier.

Could also be done with a serrated kitchen knife...just saw through it

Put your wrapping paper roll into the empty box and viola...
a Handy Wrapping Paper Cutter 

Also a great way to organize your papers, just tape a piece of the wrapping paper to the end of box and at a glance you'll know which paper is inside.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm back... New Primitive Prairie Demo Bonnet

Needed to make one of my child's prairie bonnets today for an order,
so while in the sewing room, I designed a new Prairie Bonnet pattern.

So do...tell me what you think

This bonnet is a basic cloth bonnet but I added some features to
fancy it up a bit.  It has a long bavolet (curtain), small ruffle accents and ties.

I think it's a keeper with a few tweaks to the pattern.

One problem with making this bonnet...there is a TON of hand-gathering to be done...and I don't like that, LOL..

This demo bonnet may be for sale... if anyone is interested.

Opinions please,

Naked Toilet Paper Roll Cover - tutorial for Prim Make-do holder

I'm sure you've all seen the ads...
for the designer "No More Naked" toilet paper holders

I have never priced them but I'm sure they are more expensive than FREE!

Just a couple of days ago while emptying the contents of this
Oatmeal container into my pantry dawned on me that..
hmmm..this looks like it could be exactly the right size to hold toilet paper

Yes, and it not only holds one roll........but TWO rolls

So this morning I went to work...making a
~Designer Primitive Toilet Paper Roll Holder~

1.  Remove paper label
2.  paint container with acrylic paints...two coats, your color choice
~let it dry between coats
3.  rub on a coat of Light Oak Stain with a clean rag and wipe off
~let dry
4.  using white craft glue...adhere your paper label (shared at the bottom of post)
~let dry
5.  you can age the container again if you choose with either more stain or I used watered down brown acrylic paint...rub on and wipe off

In between drying times, I made a handy - dandy elastic homespun ruffle for the lid
(now, if you don't sew, you can just tie the fabric top with a piece of jute or ribbon..or just paint the plastic lid to use)

but this is easy and will be faster and more kid friendly than untying and retying each time you need a roll

cut a piece of elastic that is just big enough to stretch about the container
rip a piece of fabric about 2x longer 

Using the sewing machine...and stretching the elastic as you go, stitch fabric to elastic
cut extra fabric at end of elastic and sew two ends together

Using the lid, I traced a circle about 1" bigger than the diameter and cut out
(I used aged muslin)

And there you have it....a Prim Designer Toilet Paper Holder
and NO more Naked Rolls

I made the vintage look Paper Label using a free graphic from The Graphics Fairy - thank you

and here is the label I to enlarge and then right click to save
(it looks black because the label has a transparent background)

ha...I added a few fun "Bathroom Rules" to the label


Monday, February 20, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt - week #1

Welcome.....welcome to Week #1 of my
Prim Easter Egg Hunt
ya'll got your Easter Baskets ready?  hehe

If you're not sure what this is all about, each week for the next 4 weeks I will do a Monday~Egg Hunt may be a photo with a hidden Easter Egg, it may be an Easter Egg hidden somewhere on one of my blogs or website...I will give you clues to help find the egg

A winner from each week's Egg Hunt will receive a handmade Easter Goodie
plus everyone that participates in the weekly egg hunt will receive another entry (up to four if you participate each week) into my

For Extra entries to the Easter Rabbit  must get yourself signed up on the Easter Rabbit Giveaway post only...~click here~ to take you there
*to enter giveaways you must be a follower of my blog, new followers are welcome

This Week's Egg Hunt Prize is a
~Spring Chick Pillow~
Appliqued Wool Chick & Penny Flower
Burlap pillow is lined and stuffed with polyfil

And now for the Egg Hunt Picture
Look closely...there is an Egg Hidden in the picture

Just leave a comment to let me know if you found it or not...this will be your entry for this week's prize.
You have until next Sunday, February 26th to enter this week's Egg Hunt.

You don't have to tell me where the egg is...that way it won't spoil it for the next visitor.

I will reveal the original...unaltered picture next week, along with this week's winner.

Hoppy Blessings,

Next'll be hopping around a bit to find the egg!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

my Saturday Evening post

~Evening Friends~
it's cold, blustery....with snow tonight

Played in the kitchen today, just a bunch of photos 

(heart pantry cakes I purchased from Theresa - Purensimple)

Scale Love

Feedsack Love

Table Love - this is the makers plate for my most favorite table
 Elwood, Indiana

Earlier today my best Girl Scout and I went to deliver cookies
Be sure to get yourself a box or two or three and support your local Girl Scout Troops

While we were out, I snapped a couple of pics
Our neighbors have their trees tapped
*Maple Syrup Season*

Thursday's project..Homespun Rag Quilt
 Old Road Primitives shared a tutorial that inspired me.  I had never made one before, but I was able to start and finish it all in one day!  These quilts seem to go together really quickly...and I don't even own a rotary cutter, cut all 80 fabric squares & batting by hand with good ole scissors ...boy oh boy was my hand tired...LOL...but hey! I used up some of my Homespun Stash!

~ Maygan says it's cozy...she slept with it last night :)

Stay Cozy my Friends,


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