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Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Sheets to the Wind

No...I didn't hit the bottle yesterday, LOL...

Thanks to all who commented yesterday with their words of encouragement.  I do feel better today, I've vented, I've prayed and I've realized that this person will have to look at herself in the mirror each day knowing what she has done.  I say that is punishment enough for her.

What I did->
Ripped and tore into three sheets
that I had picked up the last trip to GW for less than$1.00 each
washed & dried
torn into strips

to make a crocheted rag rug

still more to rug is currently 31" long x 17" wide
I have lots of strips left, wonder how big it will be

I might work some more on it today..but I do have to paint a watermelon and some crows too
Oh and finish up a couple for my next giveaway.

I see I have a couple new followers, welcome aboard. 

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Blessings my Friends,

Auction Tomorrow
♥♥This is to be auctioned off ♥♥
~ Click picture ~ to see other stuff
I think it might be worth a trip!


  1. Love rag rugs!! And your's is looking great! Glad you got out some frustration on those sheets!!! Just can't believe how terrible some people are to others.... to prey on the elderly is just so low and the act of a coward.... They will be dealt with in the end....
    On that note, have a very happy Friday, and a great weekend!!!

  2. Good Morning Traci-
    I'm glad you let some frustration out on those sheets. They are turning into a Beautiful rug. I Love the colors. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Girlfriend
    I love that rag rug! I can't wait to see the bunnies.
    Thanks so very much for the birthday wishes!
    Hugs & Stitches

  4. Wish I lived closer!! I'd be hitching a ride to the auction!!

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  5. What a great rug. One like that would be so pretty in my kitchen. Thanks for the idea. Thanks for the button to. I tried to make my own, but I like yours better. -Steph-

  6. Love your rag rug. My grandma made them all the time, and they wore like steel. I have made a little one, generally, I just make mats. Have a good weekend.

  7. The auction stuff has me drooling! The horse lightning rod to die for.Hope it goes cheap for you.I go to auctions on occasion but I like instant gratification.Frustrates me to wait all day only to be Hugs!~Amy

  8. Traci, how did you do all of that so fast? I saw the most fascinating show on how the factories make braided rugs.
    Whew! I like the hand made ways. The rug is beautiful. Was
    it hard to do?
    I am behind in my reading so I have to go back and find
    out what the person did to you to upset you so. I'm sorry
    for whatever it is.

  9. Wonderful rug, and I like those colors.
    Good for you, always the creator, to inspire the rest of us!
    Another giveaway? MMMMMM Yes!

  10. I just read your last post and can't believe she is only getting a slap on the hand for this..our judical system sucks..she should have to wear that scarlett letter and be in jail..maybe then she will think twice about doing it again..tough love I do the crime you do the time..have a great weekend.;)

  11. Traci, I can't believe that is all she is getting is probation...I'm sorry that happened to your MIL...Thanks for sharing your craft ideas...I love your rag rug. What size hook did you use and do you just attach rows together or is it a pattern? I would love to try one...Mary

  12. Oh heaven's sake. Well, you certainly would've had reason to hit the bottle, but I'm so glad you didn't and went to the sheets instead :o) I wanna make a rag rug too. I love them and think I can do it as I do know how to crochet. Love your colors and good fabric you chose.

  13. Beautiful Rug!!!!111Have a great weekend!Hugs michelle

  14. I love your rug! Nice colors too! I can't crochet but momma can. She is busy though! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  15. It's good to vent Traci, You are right she does have to look in the mirror each day, she lost her job and it will be hard for her to find a new one for now.
    Awesome rug!!! I Love the colors!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  16. Those that harm the elderly and young children will be dealt with harshly. Thank goodness that you are able to be your Mother in law's advocate!

    Your rug is beautiful!


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