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Friday, February 24, 2012

Olde Prim Bedroom Vignette - Creamy Whites

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Night
(it all depends on when you're visiting and where you're visiting from)

Yesterday I did some prim primping in the bedroom, redoing my Primitive Peg Rack Vignette.
Well, it's not exactly White or Creamy but more Aged and Dirty.

Some Old, Some Newly made...but made to look Old

Old Bonnet, Linens, Child's Gown, Shoes and Baby Photo

Quilt Pillow, Pips, Dove Make-do and small Oak Basket

I love to collect treasures, can you tell....

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if I could ask you all to say a prayer for my hubby, he is going on a little roadtrip soon to visit an old
army buddy he hasn't seen in years.  He just found him last week after losing contact for years, his friend has stage 4 cancer and he wants to visit him before it's too late.  I pray for a safe journey, a welcomed and long overdue visit and a safe return home to his family.

Blessings ~n~ Hugs,


  1. Traci what a sweet treat to look at! Love how you arranged perfect!
    What a sweet story about your husband and friend, hoping for a safe trip and wonderful visit with his buddy.

  2. Hi Traci, love the vignette!! Gives me ideas for my bedroom, which I am trying to work on right now.
    Prayers for your Hubby on his trip. How great they found each other.

  3. Hi Traci.... So glad your husband was able to reconnect with his old friend. Prayers for safe travels and a wonderful visit!

    Your new vignette is very pretty! I have some great old white pieces of clothing that belonged to my grandmother hanging in one of my bedrooms. Hoping to find a place for them once we move (downsizing), or that one of my daughters will take them for their home..... You did a great job with your collection!

  4. Your vignette is pretty enough for an art print. Will say a prayer for a safe journey and good visit for your hubby.

  5. You sure do have a knack for arranging prim treasures!
    Hope your Dh's trip goes safely.

  6. Good Morning Traci- Your vignette is Beautiful.
    I will say a Prayer that your hubby's travels are safe and a Prayer for his buddy. have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Traci the color schematics are beautiful. Such wonderful various things to look at and wonder at. Thanks for the inspiration. I love it. I always hate it when my husband travels. I pray every night he returns home safely. Hope you have a lovely weekend by yourself. Sometimes once in a while.... it's nice to have a quiet day for one's own thoughts. -Steph-

  8. After noon here :>)
    I love love love the new redo gathering ...You want to come hang out in the shop with me and help me create gatherings.. Looks like a gahtering I would of course I think it is simply Prim Beautiful!! Well done...

    That is really cool that your Hubby found his long time buddy..I'm sorry it wasn't sooner and under better circumstances, but we know the good lord works in mysterious ways and I'm sure it as it should be..I do pray taht his trip goes well and that he and his friend have special moments together!

    Have a Great Weekend my Friend~~


  9. oh I love your vignettes..they are have such an eye for this..have a great weekend..and glad hubby is able to see his friend..Safe journey,;)

  10. Good luck to your hubby. I hope he really enjoys his visit. I love your vingette! It's so funny..lately I've been seeing so many neat old shoes...Is it that when you decide you "like" something all of a sudden so does everyone else...or is it just that you notice it now? Katie

  11. You had me at the shoes. ;o) Seriously - wonderful and sweet vignette my friend....I have a weak spot for anything to do with old children's things, and this is so perfectly put together. You have many wonderful treasures and an amazing gift for displaying them at their best.

    Will definitely be sending up some prayers for your hubby - and his friend. Wishing your hubby safe travels and peace in his visit, and his friend comfort and strength in his battle. Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Adorable Display! Well send up a little prayer for a safe journey for your hubby.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. Hi Traci, what awesome displays. Prim perfect, love it all! Hugs, Lecia

  14. Hi Traci, your bedroom Vignette is so beautiful. You have such a way with everything.....Primtastic my friend! Prayers going up for a safe journey for your hubby and an enjoyable visit with his long time friend. Wishing you an enjoyable weekend! Hugs Mary

  15. Just gorgeous my spare room will some how have this look

  16. Your display is wonderful. All the little children's items. Just something about them. Little shoes remind me of the little piggies on sweet little pudge feet of a baby. How sweet weather boy or girl they look all dressed in those gowns. Blessings!


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