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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Auction Picks...good thing we took the truck!

I find auctions to be so exciting, love them!  There was a boatload of primitive style cupboards and
wares that I would have loved to bid on and the prices were fair.

Only problem....I don't have room in my little house for big pieces :(

So, what did I come home with

Smalls, one Cupboard, an Antique Wicker 
Rocker, 3 Crocks 
and an Antique Wallpaper Trunk!


The truck is still loaded, I'll be back later with some pictures of my goodies

Here's just a glimpse of the goodness

Oh, oh, oh and how could I forget?
a Yarn Winder

Going to Unload...Blessings, Traci


  1. Good Morning Traci, Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the auction, how exciting! Your pictures look like you found some great goodies, can't wait to see the rest!
    I know I am a little late but wanted to thank you for hosting your last giveaway and making it fun and exciting for all of us once again. Congrats off to the lucky winners!
    I am sorry to hear what your family had to go through, with the money situation....such a shame that there are some out there,that have to resort to lying and cheating and think they can get away with it. I truly believe that sooner or later they will have to answer to the higher up and he is the one that will decide there fate. So, really they are only cheating themselves, just a shame they have to hurt innocent people along the way.
    Wishing you a blessed Sunday!
    Hugs Mary

  2. Love all your auction treasures Traci. It looked like a wonderful auction to attend. I like the rag rug you are making too.

    And perhaps I could throw my 2 cents into the pot on the theft of your MIL. I am very sorry this happened. I worked in the processing center of a bank for 17 years. Unfortunately it happened at our bank by an employee too. I think it does not happen very often though, at least that we hear of. We seen more of actual family members stealing from family members and just people in general that find ways to compromise someone else's account.

    I am in no way defending this bank employee, what she did was way WRONG and I sure hope she lost her job and that the bank put it in her personal file so its hard for her to get another job in a bank. Anyway what I'm trying to get to here is even though you have forgiven her (and good for you) maybe you should check with a lawyer about filing a counter suit. Just a thought.

    Like the other ladies have said, it will come back around to her. God will see to that.

    Hugs to you Traci

  3. What a great haul Traci! I can't wait to see it all on your home.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Girl you loaded up on goodies~ great gatherings~ Hmmm~looking forward to seeing more~
    Keep warm & enjoy your Sunday~

  5. Hi Traci...Wow...don't ya just love it when you get to load your truck with great Treasures? And you found some great Treasures..Have fun finding there forever home..Can't wait to see the rest of your loot!!

    Happy Sunday


  6. Good for you, I'd love to see your pictures later when you post them

  7. Hi Traci, wonderful auction finds. have a great eve. Hugs, Lecia

  8. Oh, fair prices... box van next time? Love more old wood pieces :o)


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