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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Sight to Behold ~ Backroads PA

I couldn't believe my eyes!

Yesterday morning I seen one of the most majestic sights I have ever seen, took my breath away.  In the creek that runs through our town, an EAGLE...
I was able to get three pictures of him, all the while amazed by his beauty.  We have seen our hometown Eagles in flight but I have never, ever seen one this close.  And, I had my camera WITH me!  Oh, glorious day.........

After catching my breath, I picked up my MIL and drove her to her lunchdate.  Went to visit my sis, drove the backroads (about all we have around here, LOL) and visited a new fabric shop in a neighboring town.

Here are some Backroads PA pics..  I find it so peaceful to drive through the country on a sunny afternoon..have a look for yourself

The Yellow Farm... it's always been yellow, in the neck of the woods where I grew up

Barns, need I say more, Love them

Amish Homesteads

It's Maple Syrup Season

Country Advertising

I got some new Homespuns and Calicos at the Dream Fabric & Quilt Shop... 

Shop Owner~Lynn
Her newly completed Ragged Rose Quilt

Let's go for a drive again sometime....Blessings to All

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Doll, Bear Giveaway & Our Weekend.....

Our boy, Austin was home from college this weekend, we had some catching up family time the past couple of days.  It's always good to have him home after being away for weeks at a time.  He's been a big part of my life since he was 8 yrs. old, now he's a Junior in college

He's on the Golf team for CalU, so he's busy, busy this time of year.  Recently got back from a tourney in Puerto Rico, the team placed 10th in the Caribbean Classic.

SSSShhhh, don't tell him I put his pic up here, LOL..

I did some sewin' this weekend, I finished up a prim Prairie Doll (she's up top) and worked on my Bear for the Name That Bear Contest & Giveaway.  He makes his appearance tomorrow, the 29th.  I think it's going to be a blast seeing all the names that you come up with!  And, in the end, someone will win the Prim Teddy.

The Giveaway/Contest is over on my Selling Blog if you want to check it out.

Well, it's back to the sewing room for me... Have a Great Monday..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Spencer! ...quit sticking your tongue out at all these nice people that came to visit.
Geesh, by the looks of his chin he just cleaned up Maygan's plate of spaghetti.....

It's a sunny start to our Saturday here but it is sure a chilly one, in the teens overnight.

I have been working on some prim dolls.  Yesterday my oven was full of body parts, LOL...  Listed some Extreme Prairie Dolls on my other blog this A.M., got a couple of Mammy Dolls in the works and another prim dollie too.

I am going to start on the Bear for my Name That Bear Contest & Giveaway .... 

Sending wishes your way for a Wonderful Weekend...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Name That Bear Contest - Coming Soon...

What is the Name That Bear Contest you might ask.
Starting Tuesday, March 29th, I will add a picture to the Contest Post on my Selling Blog of a New Handmade Teddy Bear,
he will not have a name though, only known as John Doe Bear.

Contest will be open for entries from March 29th ~ April 19th

Please go over and visit my my Selling Blog for all the details

Thursday, March 24th Post

How do you like the post title, I kinda went brain dead and couldn't think of anything else...

Yesterday I opened a big ole Can of Worms~

Inspired by all of you Spring Cleaners out there, I tackled my bedroom...  not only did I decide to clean,  I also rearranged everything, goodness, what a job!

Now, my home has lots of rooms, BUT, they are all quite small.  In the bedroom we have 2 doors and of course the closet, not many options here for furniture placement.

This is how it turned out....  I hung a new shelf on the wall, moved the big wardrobe, bed, and put together the thing-a-majig in the first picture.

The thing-a-majig is two seperate pieces, the bottom is an old cubby unit and the top is a "tool box/flip top whatever".  I got the top piece at a yard sale last summer for $5.00..

Please don't mind hubby DVD's and my Pink Ty Bear, I know it kinda throws off the pic, LOL, just keepin it real

My bed now, I flipped the regular quilt to use the solid back and layered a Candlewick Quilt my dear Mom made for me at the end.  Yea, this one we have TV Remote and Alarm Clocks, but it's all good, LOL.

Another view, my wardrobe used to be on this wall.  I hung my collection of wall basket here too.

New shelf gathering and the wardrobes new home  (I think I am going to paint the too new looking mirror frame black, do you think?)

So that's my Spring Cleaning Day #1...I like the way it is arranged now, it's more spacious.  I would like to take down the wallpaper border, but that's another day cause I know I'll have to repaint..

Gonna putter around the homestead today, maybe some more cleaning and then we have an Ice Cream Social at school tonight...$1.00 Sundaes and Gift Basket Raffle..  Sounds like Ice Cream for Supper to me!

Have a Blessed Day,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is ALL this White Cr@@@@@p in my Yard?

Need I say more?

Thought Spring had arrived, but I guess that's what you get for living in the north...  We have a 2 hour delay for the schools this morning, snow with a layer of ice.  Just Lovely!

Even with the snow forcasted, we had Summer Salads on the dinner plate last night...

Grilled Chicken Salad - yummo - seasoned the Chicken with Montreal Spice

So, what's on everyones agenda today....? 


Wanted to remind the members of Prim Pals Forum that I am hosting a Bingo Game, I will call the 1st words on Friday.  Journey over there and get signed up!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Inexpensive & Very Primitive Basket Filler

Can you guess what this is?

Thought I'd share a great idea for a very Prim Basket Filler, it came to  me while out shopping last Friday and looking through the Home & Garden section at Big Lots.

This huge bag of Basket Filler for only $4.00!

This is one of the large plastic Shopping Bags so it's alot!

Have you guessed yet.....well, it's a Coco Flower Basket Liner....

Maygan and I just finished pulling it apart and I think you'll really love it, I know I do.  It tends to stick together nicely, not alot of shedding.  But, do the initial pulling outside, that part is little messy.  
It's a wonderful Chestnut Brown color and I think it has a very Primitive look about it...I can't wait to fill some baskets.....

~~~~~~Winners Announced~~~~~~

I had so much fun hosting my Spring Giveaway, I had a total of 60 entries.  I gained many new followers as well, which I am so thankful for...

So with my lists made, my entrants numbered, I used a random number generator to pick the winners.

The first number generated was 4.....

That means the winner of the Tulip Sack is Cathy from Finicky Felines.  Cathy was the 4th person to comment on my giveaway saying,

 "Hi Traci, new follower here. I would love to hang these near my entrance for spring's arrival. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm having a give away too, so pop on over and sign up. Cathy"

Thank You for entering Cathy and Congratulations!

The 2nd number generated was 22...
The 22nd comment on my giveaway belonged to Dee Begg, Dee is the winner of my 2nd place Tulip Prize, this is what Dee had to say,

"Hi Traci,

I am a new follower to your blog. I found you through Jean's. Love the sack of tulips and I am so ready for spring! Would love to be entered into your giveaway. Will post on my blogs sidebar for ya.   D "

Thanks to you too Dee for entering my giveaway & Congrats!

Now if the winning ladies will please email me your addresses, I will get your prizes in the mail.

Thanks to all 60 of my pals for signing up, be watching for another giveaway.  I exceeded my goal of 125 followers and am inching my way toward 200, I think it'll be giveaway time again!

Please help me Congratulate Cathy and Dee!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Call.................Last Call.........

to sign up for my Giveaway.  I will be drawing the 2 winners first thing tomorrow morning.  The First winner will receive the Tulip Sack shown in the picture.  The Second winner will  also receive some of my Prim Tulips, but it will be a different prize.  Anyone that would like to still sign up can do so until midnight, tonight. 

I would like to say "Thank You" to all who have signed up for my drawing, I am so excited to have you do so and to also be following my blog!  I am delighted to see sooo many new faces and I have been trying to visit my new followers' blogs as well. 

It's kind of a lazy Sunny Sunday here today, I think it's about time for a little catnap for me.  Just feels like one of those days.

I just added a couple new items to my Selling Blog if you want to take a peek....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Greetings~

Looking forward to seeing this again...

Fridays are usually my run the errands day.  That is just what I did, run, run, run.  My 85 yr old MIL had a doctor's appt. first thing in the morning.  While out, we hit a couple stores and I took her for groceries.  It was her treat for lunch and then I bought the Ice Cream Cones (the 1st of the season for me) for dessert.  We stopped at a couple other places she needed to visit and then back to town in time to pick up Maygan from school.

Finally after all that, May and I enjoyed some of the most beautiful afternoon sunshine, spent time cleaning up some of winter's mess and my flower gardens.  There is still piles of snow here so the beds aren't done yet but started.

Brand New Bike from the Easter Bunny 2010

Maygan last Easter, yes, still in her jammies...

Today, I am fixin' to put a big pan of lasagna together, my sis's family and MIL are coming for dinner later.  Had the meats all browned by 7:30 this morning, just finished up the noodles.  I am working on a couple new Teddy Bears in between my other chores today, they'll be ready for showing sometime next week.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  And, watch for the Full Moon tonight, it's supposed to be grand.....


Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Tremendous Thursday - Happy St. Patrick's Day

May the Luck of the Irish be with you today and everyday!

Boy, oh, boy, it is a tremendous day here in Penna.  The sun is shining and there is a bit of a warm breeze blowing.

I have lots to share with you....

First, I would like to say Thank You to all the organizers and contributing artists for the PAFA Spring Giveaway.  I was lucky enough to win 12th place!  Congrats to Sabrina from Falling Leaf Woodworkers, she won the Grand Prize...oh, you lucky girl, she will be getting loads of wonderful prim handmades!

Second, there is just a couple of days left to sign up for my Spring Giveaway, two winners will be drawn on March 20th, that's this Sunday. 

Third, (see I told you there is alot to share ;) I am hosting a Bingo Game over on the Prim Pals Forum .  I just posted the list of words this morning, I would like to get the game started in about a week, so if you are a member go over there and get signed up.  It'll be fun and the winner will receive a handmade prize from me to boot.

Finally, I finished up two more Prim Bears and just put them up for adoption on my Selling Blog .  Come on over, pay me a visit and take a peek at Lil' Miss Emily and Little Bear Blue. I have put a picture link on my right sidebar to help you find your way.

Signing off for now....


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