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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, March 24th Post

How do you like the post title, I kinda went brain dead and couldn't think of anything else...

Yesterday I opened a big ole Can of Worms~

Inspired by all of you Spring Cleaners out there, I tackled my bedroom...  not only did I decide to clean,  I also rearranged everything, goodness, what a job!

Now, my home has lots of rooms, BUT, they are all quite small.  In the bedroom we have 2 doors and of course the closet, not many options here for furniture placement.

This is how it turned out....  I hung a new shelf on the wall, moved the big wardrobe, bed, and put together the thing-a-majig in the first picture.

The thing-a-majig is two seperate pieces, the bottom is an old cubby unit and the top is a "tool box/flip top whatever".  I got the top piece at a yard sale last summer for $5.00..

Please don't mind hubby DVD's and my Pink Ty Bear, I know it kinda throws off the pic, LOL, just keepin it real

My bed now, I flipped the regular quilt to use the solid back and layered a Candlewick Quilt my dear Mom made for me at the end.  Yea, this one we have TV Remote and Alarm Clocks, but it's all good, LOL.

Another view, my wardrobe used to be on this wall.  I hung my collection of wall basket here too.

New shelf gathering and the wardrobes new home  (I think I am going to paint the too new looking mirror frame black, do you think?)

So that's my Spring Cleaning Day #1...I like the way it is arranged now, it's more spacious.  I would like to take down the wallpaper border, but that's another day cause I know I'll have to repaint..

Gonna putter around the homestead today, maybe some more cleaning and then we have an Ice Cream Social at school tonight...$1.00 Sundaes and Gift Basket Raffle..  Sounds like Ice Cream for Supper to me!

Have a Blessed Day,


  1. Hi Traci, Love the catchy title for your post. Spring cleaning has hit us all, I can see the dust bunnies as we speak and all that sun pouring through all those dirty windows. Love how you rearranged your bedroom. I like the thing-a-majig, very primitive. So much to do, where to start. Thanks for the inspiration. Vicky

  2. Looks pretty good, Traci....I love your
    old wardrobe. Makes me want to move some
    things around...I don't think hubby will
    want to, though!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. It looks great! So clean and tidy!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Well your spring cleaning all turned out just lovely! Love your bedroom furniture, as for the mirror, have you thought about trying to paint it a colour to match your wardrobe, or even paint it cream and distress it back. I think cream alongside the lovely rich colour of your wardrobe would look perfect.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. everything looks lovely!I love the baskets above your would be great for the the pink bear too,we all hold on to them cutesy sentimentals.have a great night sweetie!blessings and hugs michelle


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