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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Call.................Last Call.........

to sign up for my Giveaway.  I will be drawing the 2 winners first thing tomorrow morning.  The First winner will receive the Tulip Sack shown in the picture.  The Second winner will  also receive some of my Prim Tulips, but it will be a different prize.  Anyone that would like to still sign up can do so until midnight, tonight. 

I would like to say "Thank You" to all who have signed up for my drawing, I am so excited to have you do so and to also be following my blog!  I am delighted to see sooo many new faces and I have been trying to visit my new followers' blogs as well. 

It's kind of a lazy Sunny Sunday here today, I think it's about time for a little catnap for me.  Just feels like one of those days.

I just added a couple new items to my Selling Blog if you want to take a peek....


  1. I love this tulip sack, sure hope I win! What a lovely creation!! Just in time for Spring!!!

  2. Traci,

    Hope I'm not too late...I just got signed up. Thank you for visiting me far so good, no sickies for me! Have a great evening.


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