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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Greetings~

Looking forward to seeing this again...

Fridays are usually my run the errands day.  That is just what I did, run, run, run.  My 85 yr old MIL had a doctor's appt. first thing in the morning.  While out, we hit a couple stores and I took her for groceries.  It was her treat for lunch and then I bought the Ice Cream Cones (the 1st of the season for me) for dessert.  We stopped at a couple other places she needed to visit and then back to town in time to pick up Maygan from school.

Finally after all that, May and I enjoyed some of the most beautiful afternoon sunshine, spent time cleaning up some of winter's mess and my flower gardens.  There is still piles of snow here so the beds aren't done yet but started.

Brand New Bike from the Easter Bunny 2010

Maygan last Easter, yes, still in her jammies...

Today, I am fixin' to put a big pan of lasagna together, my sis's family and MIL are coming for dinner later.  Had the meats all browned by 7:30 this morning, just finished up the noodles.  I am working on a couple new Teddy Bears in between my other chores today, they'll be ready for showing sometime next week.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  And, watch for the Full Moon tonight, it's supposed to be grand.....



  1. hi, Traci
    Bring on the tulips!
    Your daughter~ so cute in the pj's showing off that class ride!Love the stone fence in the background of her pic!
    sounds like you had a wonderful Friday~ and a start to a good Saturday~ dinner sounds yummy~ have fun with the family~
    Keep making the adorable bears!
    Full MOON~ YEAH~ can't ya feel it today~ blood running fast!

  2. Hi Traci, I'm looking forward to spring flowers too. It is really warm here, in the 80's, and the world is beginning to turn green.
    May is so cute in her jammies with the new bike.8-)
    Have a great day!!

  3. I have some daffodils but the gophers ate my tulip bulbs :-((( Maybe I'll win some prim ones? LOL


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