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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~Dusty Olde Bear~

Whew, it's me again Dusty Olde Bear. Yea, you remember me from the other day. She finally got me finished up, I am so excited to be ready for my new home.

A very kind hearted lady has already adopted me, I guess it was love at first sight. And hey, I'm movin' to Ohio, wonder what it's like there? Anyway, I just wanted to make an appearance and show you how primitively handsome I turned out. Bet my maker will get all teary eyed when I leave, I think she kinda liked havin' me around ;)

You made me so Beary Happy with all your kind comments the other day, my maker had a hard time keepin' the stuffin in my head cause it was gettin' bigger...

One Last Bear Hug,
Dusty Olde Bear

Oh, here's another somethin' to check out, my maker just listed another Teddy, I think his name is Thread B. Bear, check'em out he's a corker. A Pea Hen (he, he, I guess I'm glad to be a bear) and a Rabbit Vignette on her Selling Blog.  Now if she'd leave me be and quit her harpin', I get to packin' my bags for my trip.


  1. Traci!your items are adorable~ love them all!!!smiles

  2. Traci he is adorable!! All your other items are too for that matter!! Your posts about them are equally adorable.8-)

  3. Oh he's prim gorgeous! Aww, pea hen is sold:( You will be making more of these yes?

  4. Traci....He is Primtastic! I wish I would have gotten here sooner before he found his new home, I love your post about him....tooo cute!

  5. My Traci, he is simply stunning, you have done a fantastic job on him, he is a prim work of art! His new owner is going to be over the moon with him

  6. oh wow, he's so adorable, love the bear soo much!! you're so talented and crafty!

  7. Thank you so very much for all your kind words about Dusty...he is on his way to his new homestead... Blessings, Traci


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