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Saturday, February 25, 2012

~Forcing Spring~

Bringing you a Breath of Spring today, dear friends.

forcing Hyacinth Bulbs in wine carafes 
I picked the bulbs up at the local feedstore at 60% off, they were already starting to sprout

the bulbs are mixed colors so it will be a surprise for me to see their prettiness emerge
There was Purple, Yellow, White and Pink in the bulb sack
displayed the bottles in an old wire milk carrier with burlap

Green Transferware Cup picked up at the GW for $.79
was to be a pin keep...but I think it'll be pretty with
little yellow Narcissus

While I'm forcing Spring inside....  outside today Olde Man Winter is rearing his head
Mr. Cardinal came to eat this morning
Pretty White Blanket laid last night
after all the high winds blew through
We lost power for a couple of hours, but all is well


Offering up 4 different Teacup Pin Keeps on my selling blog today
~click here~  to see them
$12.00 each

No plans for travel's still snowing...we'll just have to see what the day brings.

♥♥ Traci  ♥♥


  1. I keep hoping spring is just right around the corner. Fun to force it indoors while we wait. Like those bottles and carrier.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Traci. I've always wanted to try to force bulbs indoors but never did. Love your pincushion. Mary

  3. Brrr...the snow makes me cold. We had a little sprinkling of it yesterday. We really haven't had any snow to speak of at all this winter. In fact the snowmobile trails have never even been opened. Last year we had snow up the ying yang, lol...However...I'm sure we'll have a blizzard next weekend when we move!!! Cuz that's just the way it works. Katie

  4. Hi, Traci:
    Extremely pretty transferware you found. You're going to love forcing bulbs, try to force paper whites (narcissus) if you
    can. It might be too late, they usually put them out at Christmas
    time, but the little tiny yellow ones would be pretty with your
    hyacinths. Cardinals look so beautiful against the white snow.
    Stay warm and dry.

  5. Oh I love the bulb flowers grown indoors. We had high winds and snow, but it didn't stick.

  6. Oh, you have a green thumb too. And a wonderful green transferware. Beautiful snow outside and spring inside. Hum....... I guess you can have the best of both worlds. Love it. -Steph-

  7. so nice to force bulbs in the winter. Love your pin cushion I made a couple a couple of weeks ago.

  8. Thanks for visit my blog and enter in my giveaway.

  9. Ahhhh....and now I remember that I neglected to do any paperwhites this year. :o( Please be sure to share photos of them in bloom - spring is so very far off yet for us.....Your Saturday weather must have found its way to Nod - that wind is something fierce today/tonight.....Hope you're snug and cozy and warm....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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