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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Confusion... the legalities ... I'm confused

On FB today there as a link to a post about the legalities of Pinterest.  I have seen different articles of late about this same subject, each one adding a bit more to my confusion on the subject of...

"Am I taking part in illegal publishing of artists', photographers', publishers', etc. work"

I, in no way want to be a part of something that is even the least bit questionable.  So, I am offering up a bit of advice as well as taking on a mission to at least take some of the questions out of the equation. 

I have put a "Content Sharing Policy" on all of my websites, blogs, etc.

I do allow pinning from all of them with one exception...   a link to my original post or site must be provided.
So, you can NOT right click and save my picture to upload onto Pinterest, you must pin it as a link.
Another safe guard to take is to....put your name on all photos...I label mine with York Mountain Primitives, that way my original photos (even though they are not that great anyway) could not, for the most part, be used for profit.  

So simple to do.......

**This is my policy found on the right sidebar of this blog**

Any and all content of this site or any site owned by me, (Traci Stoddard) that is shared via the Web, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest must be accompanied by a link to the original site from which it was shared.

If everyone in the wonderful online world would add a Content Sharing Policy to their sites, it would take out any question as to whether their site contents are open for sharing/pinning.

I really don't believe that users of Pinterest have any ill intent when they pin someone's content, but, the law is the law.  If you read the terms of use on Pinterest (the fine print when you signed up)  it is actually quite scary what you are agreeing to.  

I have asked the writer of the shared FB link if I can post a link to her blog post about this subject...If I get a response, I will share the link with you all.  She is not only a photographer but a lawyer as well.

Just received permission to share link
~click here~ to read Kristen's at DDK Portraits post

So, for the time being, I am going to keep my Pinterest account (I think I will just look and not pin though) 
I am in the process of deleting all boards that contain other peoples photos though..not taking a chance



  1. Copyrights are important, but they are a pain also. I just started looking at Pinterest and there are so many cool will be interesting to see how this plays out. You have a good idea. I tried to create an account from 2 different invites and it won't let me... Grrrrr! Thanks for the info Traci ~*~Lisa

  2. All of Pinterest is soooo confusing!! If people re-pin photos, it loses the original link in the process. I assume with my work that if I put it on the internet at all, it is a free for all. I know that my ideas can be "used, stolen etc" .I just consider it a gamble. If I don't want it out there, I don't put it anywhere. I guess that is the only way it is safe.Good luck.New technology can be confusing(to me) lol. Blessings ~Sara

  3. Traci , I too have seen lots on this subject in the past days , it is scary as an artist but I do know a few people in fact that have right clicked saved photos and then uploaded them to their boards which INDEED is STEALING! But to just pin and have a link can be a great thing I think once the bugs are worked out , as look at all the extra exposure . I hope it all is just old news soon ! I hope you are having a great weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie

  4. Very interesting read Traci - and I do believe Kristen's analysis (and conclusions) are right on target. There are lots of reasons I backed away from Pinterest....Like I needed another addiction - but this was also among them. I was seeing more and more blogs posting photos that simply said "from Pinterest" and absolutely no link or any way of tracing back to the original artist/creator. Hello? I think many folks have gotten confused given the "accessibility" the internet provides and by the fact that you do NOT need to file anything anywhere for your original work to be copyrighted. (And, no, you don't even need that cute little "c" with a circle around it symbol.) And whether I SAY my work is copyrighted or not means diddly....If it's mine, and it's original, it's protected by copyright, and anyone who "borrows" it is guilty of copyright infringement unless they've been given a license by me to "borrow" it or it falls within the fair use exception (which, in the context of blogging and/or Pinterest, is highly unlikely). Anywho - thanks for posting this. I hope some folks take heed - because, as Kristen says, who knows who might be chosen to set the example??? Hugs ~ Robin

  5. What a timely post, Traci! I was peeking at my blog's stats tonight and noticed that yet another person had downloaded one of my photos. Since I spend a lot of time taking multiple pics, then choosing one and carefully editing it, plus putting my blog's name on it--it tends to irk me when someone takes it without permission. So I added code to my blog to prevent people from right-clicking on the photos. It may not help much, but it did make me feel better. I'm willing to bet that I'll never be given attribution for that photo, like I do when I repost someone else's in order to promote their work on my blog.

    I have a Pinterest account and use it mostly for pinning recipes rather than bookmarking them. I also have a board on it for newly listed items in my online store (boy, THAT one hasn't been used in a while! LOL). I also pin tutorials that folks share on their blogs, and other freely shared items that catch my interest. All of my pins link back to the original site, since I'm actually wanting to reference back to them.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people will go out of their way to copy someone else's work and try to pass it off as their own, or at least to hide the origin of it. It's sad, really.

    Thanks so much for bringing up this topic, and for sharing the link to the other site with more info. I checked it out and it truly makes me wonder if I should delete my Pinterest account or not. The jury's still out on that one.


  6. Hi Traci~
    Valid info here. TFS and to the others who also commented. I must have read the same info on FB the other day about Pinterest. I have an acct as well, but I don't "pin" nearly as much as others. Regardless it is all for my own reference, never intend to "re-post" like I've seen on other blogs and websites, but appreciate the legal info. What was intended as something good once again has turned into a matter of what I call having "NO respect for others" that people just feel free to "take" for their gain, like Pam said in her second to last paragraph. I've witnessed and "blown" the whistle on two different website people who TOOK a picture from one artist and put it on their own site and advertised that they would take orders for that item stating "fabrics will vary" for that particular item. THAT is "STEALING, SHOPLIFTING!" I was even a victim at one time. Imagine what I felt when I saw MY design on someone else's site that they were trying to copy and sell, using my picture! I just can't believe the audacity of people, lack of respect and flat out rude they can be.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week~

  7. Thanks for passing along this valuable information, Traci.
    My pinning days are over.

  8. I think it's all kind of sad. I guess I'm on the opposite end of many of you because I DONT create anything..well boys..but that's another type of creating!! I never even thought of any of this when I pin. I have thought of my pinterest as my "idea folder"..saving things I like. Decorating ideas, recipes, things I like...never intending on "stealing" anything from anyone. I really hate that fact..that now...instead of it being something fun..and relaxing...I'm going to have to worry about if someone is going to get upset because they think I'm "stealing" their stuff!


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