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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Naked Toilet Paper Roll Cover - tutorial for Prim Make-do holder

I'm sure you've all seen the ads...
for the designer "No More Naked" toilet paper holders

I have never priced them but I'm sure they are more expensive than FREE!

Just a couple of days ago while emptying the contents of this
Oatmeal container into my pantry dawned on me that..
hmmm..this looks like it could be exactly the right size to hold toilet paper

Yes, and it not only holds one roll........but TWO rolls

So this morning I went to work...making a
~Designer Primitive Toilet Paper Roll Holder~

1.  Remove paper label
2.  paint container with acrylic paints...two coats, your color choice
~let it dry between coats
3.  rub on a coat of Light Oak Stain with a clean rag and wipe off
~let dry
4.  using white craft glue...adhere your paper label (shared at the bottom of post)
~let dry
5.  you can age the container again if you choose with either more stain or I used watered down brown acrylic paint...rub on and wipe off

In between drying times, I made a handy - dandy elastic homespun ruffle for the lid
(now, if you don't sew, you can just tie the fabric top with a piece of jute or ribbon..or just paint the plastic lid to use)

but this is easy and will be faster and more kid friendly than untying and retying each time you need a roll

cut a piece of elastic that is just big enough to stretch about the container
rip a piece of fabric about 2x longer 

Using the sewing machine...and stretching the elastic as you go, stitch fabric to elastic
cut extra fabric at end of elastic and sew two ends together

Using the lid, I traced a circle about 1" bigger than the diameter and cut out
(I used aged muslin)

And there you have it....a Prim Designer Toilet Paper Holder
and NO more Naked Rolls

I made the vintage look Paper Label using a free graphic from The Graphics Fairy - thank you

and here is the label I to enlarge and then right click to save
(it looks black because the label has a transparent background)

ha...I added a few fun "Bathroom Rules" to the label



  1. TFS your neat prim idea Traci! Just so happens I just emptied an oatmeal container yesterday and it hasn't made it to the recycle bin yet!
    Also, thanks for the free graphic. Love the bathroom rules you added.
    Warm blessings~

  2. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing, Traci!

  3. And that's why you are awesome:) Way to recycle and use your creative little mind. I love your blog. This is a project I am going to do. Thanks Traci. -Steph-

  4. This is so cute, Traci! I have a wooden cover
    that I painted, a sheep, saltbox house and a
    pear w/ a crow on it, or I would make one of
    these. Love your idea, you are soooo creative!


  5. Awesome idea Traci! Thank yoU!


  6. Very creative.
    Did you see that I am giving away books and soap on my blog?

  7. Seriously..your creativity amazes me! I love it!! Katie

  8. I Love it TracI! Thanks for the tutorial and sharing the label. I'm gonna definately be making two of these, one for each of my bathrooms. Enjoy your day! Sandi

  9. Very clever! And thanks for the digi. The tutorial is very clear. Have a great day.

  10. Traci, what a great idea! I'm always trying to salvage things around my house. Thanks for the tutorial and graphic :) Will definately be trying.

  11. I knew it! I knew I shouldn't have thrown away my empty oats containers. This is neat, I love it :o)

  12. Hi, Traci:
    The idea you came up with is WAY cuter than the ones for sale by the T.P. companies. And so prim of course! Very clever of you. And a
    beautiful finish.
    Thanks for the tute.

  13. Too cute just pinned it I want one form my TP now thank u for the tutorial

  14. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! =)

  15. Hi Traci, What a clever idea. Yours is way cuter than what they're selling!!!!

  16. I LOVE IT!
    This is the besttissue cover I have ever seen!!!!

  17. This is clever cute!! You should sell them!

  18. Ok....I'll admit I've been under a rock lately - nope, haven't seen any designer "no more naked" tp rolls campaigns....but I love this idea.... Too stinking (oops!) cute! But....arghhh.....I hate sewing elastic....And "the boys" would never handle the alternative....Guess it's time to come to terms with my elastic phobia, hey? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. now that is just too cute! thanks for sharing!


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