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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Antique Yarn primitive

The yarn winder is now in it's home...and decorated

Two crocks I got yesterday for $5.00 each

and of course...with new additions
there is always tweaking to be done
polished the pewter and rearranged some
in my wooden boxes on the living room wall

♥love pewter♥

I have more pictures to share but will share a few at a time..

I found a recipe for Mexican Lasagna on pinterest today
it's in the oven and almost ready to eat...smells yummy!

Blessings for a Peaceful Sunday Evening,


  1. Love your yarn winder Traci, you have it decorated so cool! Great deal on those crocks!!


  2. Oh....I hate to say it, but I'm turning frightful shades of green here....If that glorious yarn winder weren't enough, and crocks for a ridiculously amazing price - but then you had to throw in that dang pewter....I've always loved yarn winders and actually found one for sale one time (not common in these parts), but it was pricey and I just don't have a large enough space for one. But that pewter....there's always room for pewter...and every time you show me a glimpse of your collection, I remember your amazing luck in picking it up for a crow's song.....That winder, though, looks like it was meant to be part of your home.....Enjoy.....Can't wait to see your other treasures....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. The winder is beautiful! I've had one on my wish list for awhile,I'm sure I'll find one resonable on my travels one day.The crocks $5 girl you did Mex Las sounds yummy.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. You got a fantastic deal on those crocks! Love the yarn winder and all that beautiful pewter. Can't wait to see more!


  5. wonderful new pieces. Always fun to add.

  6. Oh my -- your yarn winder is terrific! Love the area you have it in -- the stone wall (fireplace?) behind it is a perfect setting! I have a winder in one of my upstairs bedroom -- I will have to find a better place for it once we move, now that I see how wonderful your's looks with a little vignette around it! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Love your pewter and those crocks!

  7. Awesome!
    And wow $5.00 for crocks!
    Lucky lady.

  8. Oh goodness!!!!! Love the winder. I have the spinning wheel and would like the winder as well. You did awesome, girl. Such treasures and you didn't have to spend a lot of moola. Always love that! Thanks for sharing the pics of your wonderful collection of prims and pewter.


  9. Hi, Traci:
    The yarn winder is perfect and it was meant to be in your home.
    The pewter collection is great, I have one piece!(giggles)

  10. Wow. That yarn winder is awesome! I love the crocks too! =) Last year, I visited my grandmother (lives far away and I only get to see her infrequently) and she took me down into her basement and showed me a nice, cute, looked-like-new crock that just had dust on it. She said, "This was your Poppy's (my grandfather) Mother's crock and I want you to have it! Wow...down in that dark, basement, I was fighting crying for all it's worth. I love crocks! Enjoy yours! =)

  11. Such a unique piece and I like the way you displayed it!!!
    What a great price on the crocks!
    Love your pewter ~ such wonderful pieces you have!
    Prim Blessings

  12. Hi Traci, Love the yarn winder, I collect those, they are so unique. Boy did you get a bargin on those crocks, love how you used the boxes, great idea. Love to collect pewter also. Take care, Hugs Vicky

  13. Wow! You did good! Love the crocks and pewter!
    Hope you enjoyed the lasagna!!

  14. Gorgeous pewter~ love the crocks( great prices!Wow)
    Everything looks wonderful in their new home~

  15. Love your yarn winder & all your beautiful pewter pieces. Blessings!

  16. Aww, two awesome crocks for that price, what a steal. I love the pewter too and am hoping to start a collection one day.


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