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Friday, June 10, 2011

Days of Summer Swap....Sneaky Peek

Recently Misi @ 1890 Gable House Musings hosted a
Days of Summer Swap
It was a secret swap and this is what Allison of
Sew Many Girls sent to me...
Thank You so much, Allison for all the wonderful Summer Thyme goodies!

Today is the official first full day of Summer Vacation.  Yesterday Maygan was a bit sad, she really likes school and always has a hard time the last day, came out the door with tears streaming down her cheeks.  Her teacher this year was absolutely wonderful and Maygan is missing her already....


As you wish, here are a couple of the prizes for my
Red, White & You Giveaway

Trio of USA Star Make-Do's
in wooden thread spools

"Freedom 1776" Stars

I have two more prizes that are completed, but......
I'm going to make you wait a lil' bit

maybe tomorrow
the next day
the next day

I have another something to make yet.  And you just never know the 24th is a long way off so there might just be more added to the Americana Prize Box!

Have a Fun Friday.....


  1. WOW!LOve this sneaky peek!There all so cute!Love your swap goodies too.Sorry to hear of Maygans sadness:(.I only wish my girls liked school that much!Perhaps next year she can take a little address book(Made by MOM):)and get some addys so she can write or send postcards to her fav.teachers and friends thats what my little katie does but I must say its more friends than teachers,hehe.Have a great day sweetie!big hugs michelle

  2. Hi Traci,
    Love your stars!! They are wonderful.
    I found you by way of TheCrankyCrow.
    Will be following your doings!
    Enjoy your day,

  3. Hi Traci,
    Wonderful swap goodies.
    I'm loving your Americana creations!!

  4. Traci~ Loving what your coming up with.The pinwheels are sweet from your swap.Have a wonderful weekend!~Amy

  5. Hi Traci, what wonderful swap goodies you received!!! I love them, your Americana creations are perfectly prim, you amaze me with your talent!!! Have a wonderful summer!!! Hugs, Lecia

  6. Great goodies from the swap! I love the pieces you're making for your giveaway!

  7. hi, Traci~ poor Maygan so sad~ I would have been crying for joy! Serious JOY~ I dreaded school~ I always wanted to be outside doing things~ go figure!LOL
    Wonderful swap goodes!
    The giveaway items are terrific~
    have a great day~

  8. loving those americana goodies.,;) have a wonderful weekend.:)

  9. Oh, poor, poor, Maygan...I, too, was always sad when school was out....maybe that's why I kept going back, and back, and back! But summer vacation will eventually work its charm on her I'm sure - always did me....Sweet little pinwheels in your swap goodies!! LOVING your adorable creations for your giveaway....Ahhh...I knew it would be good and you sure don't disappoint! Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs (for Maygan too!!) ~ Robin

  10. Hi Traci~

    Lovin that sneaky peak at your giveaway goodies. Wonderful swap items. So sad for your little Maygan. My son has been counting the days until the end of the school year for about 2 months.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  11. Hi Traci, love your swap goodies and of course the goodies you made are awesome as usual!! Love the stars in the cans!!

  12. Your cans are wonderful and the stars are great too.........

  13. Americana stuff is wonderful cuz it can be displayed the entire summer!

  14. Swapping looks like so much fun. What a treat to get gifts from someone in the mail, and to pick out and make things for someone else too.

    Hang in there Maygan! My son has a hard time each year when school ends. Some years are worse for him than others, it always depends on the teacher. One year he cried for three whole weeks! One week before and two after. It wasn't fun. I'm just glad he eventually got over it. Our kids love school, they'll be going into 5th and 1st grades in August.

    I LOVE love LOVE your giveaway goodies that you have made so far!

  15. Great goodies ~Love those patriotic Pinwheels!
    Your star make-dos are primtastic *Love your work!


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