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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Girl and Her Tractor.....It's a beautiful thing

and a recent win!

Sunday, hubby got another of his "collectibles" running....
Yes, DH has a thing for old garden tractors, I think he has 7....?

And guess who has staked her claim!
Yes, Maygan says this tractor is hers, LOL

 1950's Speedex
What's been happening in my world...and a question
Is it over yet?
What?'s wearing me out, LOL

Last Thursday - Field Trip Day to the Erie Children's Museum
Friday - Fun Day at school (like track and field day)

...Friday afternoon, my sinuses decided to give me a fit...
continued with me never leaving the couch on Saturday..
made me miss the first of our grad parties :(

Sunday, feeling a bit better, had planned on going to the the Hazen Flea Market
but didn't feel well enough to spend the day away from home..
Monday - 2nd Grade Picnic Day at the park
Tuesday (today) - ahhhh, normal day
Wednesday - Pool Day at the community pool
Thursday - dismissal at 11:25am
11:26am -- offical start of Summer Vacation and this
Mom is Ready!


I was the lucky winner of Tonya's --  Guess How Many Beds She Made Game
My Primitive Creations by Tonya

Thank You! Tonya for such a lovely collection of your makings...
Look at all these goodies!

Here's a little sunshine for this rainy day...storms are rolling through...
hug from a Lemon Lily

and a kiss from an Orange Poppy


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  1. Love the little tractor! Hope you feel better.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. hi, Traci~
    Looks like Maygan's tractor~ so cute!!
    Busy~ busy~ and not feelin good~ yuk~ hope you are feeling better now~ I know around here so many are feeling the same sinus & allergies & it lingers on & on! Too nice for that junk!

    Pretty flowers~ my lillies are also coming out!!Just love the yellow ~my poppies are GOOONE~
    Congrats on the win~ goodies!!!
    have a great day~ hoping the storms will pass & be friendly~ gettin dark here!
    keep safe~

  3. Now this is cute! Maygan will have fun memories of this tractor! Those sinus infections are terrible Traci - feel better soon! (Love your items from Tonya! Your flowers are so pretty!) ~*~Lisa

  4. She is so cute on "her" new tractor! Congrats on your win and great goodies :) Sinus stuff is no fun, so hope you get better soon. I so hear ya about school, I'm ready to start summer and we start ours this Thursday about 1:00, YEA!!! Have a great week ~Blessings~

  5. Love the picture of Maygan and 'her' tractor! Congratulations on winning Tonya's guessing game. I couldn't imagine making that many beds in a weekend.... I hate making mine! lol

    Hope you have a great week!
    Debbie K

  6. Morning Traci...Thank you for your kind words and so glad you loved the necessary Room Gathering. Glad I picked Red for your color...tossed it around for a day or so and finally decided Red is a great Prim color so went with it...
    Love the little Tractor.. Your Megan will have fun with that.. I remember the being worn out and can't wait for School to be out days...

    Very sorry to hear that the Sinus mionster attacked you and got you down.. I have Sinus issues 24/7--365 days a year so i know how you feel.. Feel better soon and get self some Clariden-D ir the Kroger generic same thing and cheaper.. it really helps.

    have a great week!


  7. I don't blame her for wanting that tractor... I would too!

    Congratulations on your win! Looks like you won some wonderful goodies. :)

    Your flowers are pretty. We don't have much flowers around here like those.

    I am glad school is out too, ours ended May 31. The end of the year is always crazy since they like to jam everything fun into the last days. Between my son and daughter, I wished I coulda set up tent at the school for the last two weeks! lol ;)

    I hope you are having a great day!

    Blessings from Jessica

  8. Hi Tracie, love that tractor, the perfect fit for Maygan!! Sorry you have been sick, hope you feel better soon!! Love the gathering from Tonya too!!

  9. Hi Traci~

    Maygan looks right at home on that tractor. Your flowers are so beautiful~such bright colors. Tomorrow is the last day of school here & I am so ready for it to be over. Love your goodies from Tanya!!

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  10. Love that tractor. I bet Maygan is the first one who ever rode it wearing pink flip flops :) She is such a cutie!

  11. Oh, my hubby would have himself a collection too if he could afford it, and an old car collection too. I think that's cool to have old tractors like that and your daughter looks so cute at the wheel.
    Ahh, the excitement of being a young mother. I remember those days. Be sure to take care of yourself so you can keep up:)
    Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers.

  12. I'd say, like mother, like daughter!! ;o) LOVE that Maygan has her own!! Those old tractors are so cool....who wouldn't love a "Speedex"??? Too dang funny! Congrats on your win from Tonya - looks like fun, good-smelling, "necessary" stuff! Hope you get to feeling better quick....nasty to feel punky and have a schedule like that lurking to boot....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Hi Traci, Sounds like you have been on the run, hate you are having sinus problems, been causing me problems lately also. Maygan is just cute on the tractor. Take care, Vicky


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