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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Family Christmas Tree & Favorite Ornaments

I can't seem to get a good shot of our Family Tree, no matter what camera settings I use, it's blurry.  So, here's a blurry shot of our Family Christmas Tree, LOL....  Maygan did 90% of the decorating this year, she did a wonderful job and is very proud of her tree.

This tree is loaded with colored lights (Maygan and her Dad's favorite) and ornaments that were made by the kids, received as gifts and collected over the years.

A few of my favorites are...

This Santa, made by Maygan in preschool

Clothespin Reindeer made by my step-son Austin when he was still in grade school.  He's a Junior in college now.

Construction Paper Mittens by Maygan

Felt handprint Reindeer by Maygan

Wooden ornament made by Jimmy

Pretty Doves from my Mom

Beaded Mice from my Sis, the tree skirt was made by my Mom

Maygan's ornament from her Meema

There are six of these little book ornaments.  I got them in my stocking when I was a kid, I thought they were the neatest.  I saved them all and now they are one of Maygan's favorites.  She reads them over and over every year.

I could go on and on with favorite ornaments, each and everyone has a special story.

My birthday cake from yesterday, decorated pretty by Maygan

I just love it!

The school cancelled all activities for the evening because of the weather, so Maygan didn't have her Christmas Concert.  We were all disappointed, hoping they reschedule.  Hubby picked up dinner on his way home from work, then we had cake and ice cream.

This is a sign that I bought for $1.00 at a second hand store in town, the stars and letters are carved out.  I  did sand and stain it for more of prim look.  I like the way it turned out and for a buck, you can't go wrong.

Have a Blessed Day,


  1. Happy belated Birthday!Even though they cancelled the concert it sounds like you had a great one.I love the tree.Thats exactly what our family tree is.full of handmades from the kids in school(which they dont do anymore.boy I ust hate hem all growing u).we do buy them one each yearand my mom used to as well when she was with us.we got a pretty good collection and when they are out on there own there ornaments will go to thm fo here family tree.Your wooden sign is awesome!so cute.have a great day,I have to journey out in the snow later to take the youngest to he fav store Justice for boots and pants.Thank goodness I got a michelle

  2. Your family tree is just beutiful. What memories your decorations hold. Nothing is more precious than that.
    Sorry you didn't get to go to Maygans concert. Still it sounds like you had a nice birthday.
    Have a blessed day.

  3. love your tree..I find if I focus the camera and let it come into focus (it is focusing on the lights that is why they are blurry) and then snap the picture..(this is a "slow" process) let it focus then snap..if I take it too quickly..I get blurry photos everytime..I hope this helps..also I hope they reschedule your daughter concert..have a wonderful day..stay toasty and cozy.;)

  4. Your family tree is so pretty. I love all the memories it holds. Mine is the same, each ornament brings back a memory, nothing better at Christmas time.
    Sorry Maygan's concert was cancelled, hope they reschedule. She did an awesome job on the cake!!
    Got you a little cake decorator on your hands.8-)

  5. Happy belated birthday! Love your tree! We have 2 trees here, 1 is my prim n white lights n real,that hubby loves and 1 with all kids ornaments and colored lights that they love.I just love the season and the memories to. Awesome cake, she did a great job. Blessings
    ~The Olde Willow~


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