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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain~Birds..Bees..Flowers

A Day Early is Better than,
A Day Late & A Dollar Short

This Week's Display Chain is hosted once again by

theme is
Birds, Bees & Flowers

I am taking a bit of a different approach this week, not so prim in nature...but all about Nature.  I love to photograph flowers and birds...the challenge of coming up with a unique shot is something I enjoy.

I hope you enjoy the photos I have gathered over the last week... there are lots of pics, I must have taken close to 150 snapshots over the course of the week...what fun!

~If I Were a Bee, This is What I Would See~

~Bestill My Bleeding Heart~

~Ferns & Foliage~

Tribute to the....



~Oh, that Crazy Yellow Gerber Daisy~

~Random Shots~

Shiny & New
Dandelion Thyme

~This is for the BIRDS~

~Getting a Drink~

~The Bees Knees~

~Please, Forget Me Not~

I thought I would post today as I will be busy tomorrow...

Didn't want to miss being part of the "Chain Gang"



  1. Your pictures are spectacular!
    You did a wonderful job!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Traci, you have an eye for taking photos, love all the flowers, the white bleeding hearts were amazing, never have had any. What is the interesting plant under ferns and foilage, has some yellow on it? Love being part of the chain gang also, real cute, have a great day. Vicky

  3. In case anyone else want to know about the plant that Vicky was wondering's an herb, Yellow Dead Nettle, also called Yellow Archangel. It spreads like crazy!

  4. Wow Girl - AMAZING photos!!! You certainly have a back-up career in photography if you need one!! Truly beautiful....And I love all the nests....I have a thing for nests I guess! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  5. Traci
    Breathtaking pictures~ Oh, girl nothing else to say but you just really captured the beauty of nature~ WOW!!!!!( love the hummingbird!!)

  6. I spent a week with the camera taking pics of all the spring flowers..aren't the inside of tulips fabulous. Got to go download and see what I got.
    And hummingbirds..such cool little birds.

  7. So pretty! Makes me want to get in the dirt and plant.As you know PA weather has no clue what season it is day to day so I haven't got much done.The hummingbirds are amazing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Amazing photos! Love the humming bird pics!

  9. so Beautiful!We like the up close photos to that show the flowers spectacular beauty!Have a wonderful day!
    big hugs michelle

  10. I so love your photos! They are beautiful.

  11. Wow Traci!! Just Wow!! Absolutely beautiful pics, such talent with a camera. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  12. Congratulations Traci, your talent with the camera is fantastic and your eye appeal is amazing. Thank you for capturing the beauty of nature and for sharing it with us.


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