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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Cleanin'....X....Tuesday Display Chain

Washin' the Winter Bedding Vignette

Spring Cleanin'
the theme for this week's Tuesday Display Chain

hostess for this week is

I am kind of limited on time but didn't want to pass up this weeks chain.  Love the theme!

The large washboard in this picture hangs on our porch, looks like the wasps thought it would
be a good place to make a mud nest, LOL...

Misi at is continuing her break this week..

Have a Blessed Day...

and if anyone has some spare time, I have more Spring Cleanin' to do..



  1. Traci
    Great display!!! I love the big wash board!!!!
    Have a wonderful day~

  2. Pretty Display Traci! I love that wash tub. What a lovely cooler it would make . . . all filled up with ice and some cold drinks :)

  3. I like Madalynne's idea of a cooler but I put a flower pot in mine.
    Great vignette, Traci! You have some awesome things. I never thought of clothespins in an old tin. Thanks for sharing!
    Sending sunshine your way!

  4. Great displays! How fun and fitting you put them outside!!

  5. Wonderful displays Traci!! Love the wash tub and board especially....Don't go making me feel guilty with the spring cleaning stuff....I'm still waiting on the "spring" in that set of words....then maybe I'll be inspired to do the cleaning part. Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  6. Really neat display, love the washtub and the old scrub board. I have been trying to spring clean and garden at the same time, been a little rough trying to do everything on top of running back and forth to the hospital. I just love this time of the year though, take care. Vicky

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  8. You're display really brightened my day.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Traci, I so love your displays! Love the wash tub on the stand, I really need to get one of those this year! OLM

  10. Wow Traci you have some really cool old stuff there. I remember having some of those around the house as a youngin'. I enjoyed your displays:)


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