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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~"Settler's Kitchen" Tuesday Display Theme~

Settler's Kitchen
theme of the week

This week's Display Chain hostess is

Misi is taking a few weeks off..

I opted to go with groupings for my displays...

Settler's Kitchen ~ the table


Settler's Kitchen ~ Wooden Wares


Settler's Kitchen ~ Home Remedy Books

Dr. Chase's Recipes or Information for Every Body
copyright 1896

The Home Manual everybody's Guide to
Social, Domestic & Business Life
copyright 1889


Settler's Kitchen ~ Tinware


Settler's Kitchen - Crocks & Stoneware


Settler's Kitchen ~ in the Pantry


Settler's Kitchen ~ Hearth Cookin' in Cast Iron


Settler's Kitchen ~ the ceiling


Join in and post your link so
we all can see your Settler's Kitchen


  1. Beautiful displays Traci! I love those old books . . . such fun reading through them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the black and white photos! Wonderful displays!

  3. hi, Traci
    Okay, I am in Awe over the black & whites!!! So many earlies~ the books are neat & the ceiling is beautiful!

  4. I love black and whites!Brilliant idea!I love all your pics.your ceiling looks amazing.Have a wonderful week sweetie!big hugs michelle

  5. Love them all, and black and white was a great touch! OLM

  6. Wonderful in black and white.Gave it a old feel.Love your prim displays.Especially enjoyed the treen ~ wood bowls and mashers.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Hi Traci, love all your great settler's items!! The black and white photos were a wonderful touch!!
    Love all your tin items, and the ceiling and heart are great!! Can't decide which I like best.
    Great job on the photos!1

  8. i love your displays and done in black in white..really gives them an old flavor..:) nicely done..;)

  9. PERFECT displays for this great theme. You've got what it took, girl! But, I especially love the crock with the rolling pins. That has to be my favorite. Black and White, Black and White...How I love black and white. Wish there were more of it in the world. Smiles, Hugs & Blessings, Robin

  10. Stunning!
    Love the simplicity......


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