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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Greetings

Gary says HI!

Boy am I glad that blogger is back up and running.  I do have to say that I got lots of work done yesterday though, wasn't plopped in front of the computer...

Just doing a post today because I CAN... LOL

All of my first floor windows are sparkling clean, screens removed and cleaned, washed inside and out.  Also did some more decorating out on the porch, rewired a light to hang over the table...

Maygan and I seeded the garden on Thursday, planted Spinach, Beans, Cucumbers, Yellow Squash, and a Salad Greens Mix..  Still need to put in Tomato plants...and keep the critters out of it!

Pretty tulip, wet with last night's rain droplets

A heck of a storm rolled through, wall shaking thunder...

Going to round up some handmades to take to the artist co-op downtown the first part of the week and I am setting up a table of wares at hubby's workplace next weekend for their Spring Clinic.  I will be taking all of the un-solds from my selling blog, so if there is something there that you've had your eye on, it's the last chance.



  1. Hi Traci, You have been busy, need to wash my windows now the pollen has laid. Your veggie gardens sounds fantastic, we put one in about a month ago, tomatoes are starting to grow well, could use some rain. Little Oliver is doing great, went to see him yesterday, thanks for asking about him. Have a great weekend, Vicky

  2. HI Traci, I got a bunch of things done yesterday also since blogger was!! That's a beautiful tulip!


  3. Oh, look at the big Puddy Cat~ Gary is so cute~ give him a squeeze for me!!!
    beautiful bright red tulip~ love the water on it from the rain~Stormed here also & rained & poured! Wow,is it wet out today~
    Enjoy your weekend~

  4. Love your kitty and your flower is soooo pretty. Doesn't if feel good to get things accomplished. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Lecia

  5. Ahhhh....pretty kitty! "Gary" though?? Really? Now there has to be a story behind THAT name!!! Sounds like you got more done than I did during the blogger outage....I did laundry, and more laundry....but the boys are happy! Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  6. Morning Traci! Sounds like you were super busy. I am hoping to get a lot of things done next week after school is done for Summer Vacation. I need to get some things planted in the garden too.

    Hope your having a great weekend!
    Debbie K

  7. I liked it that blogger was down too!
    Did get a lot accomplished ~ but not as much as you, you busy girl!
    Need to get the garden planted ~ to much rain right now.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  8. Hi Traci,
    I tried replying in your last post, but there was no place to reply!!!! Anywho, your porch is my dream!!!!! Love it!!!! And I think you had more hours in the day than I did on Friday!!!! You got alot done. Either that, or I just don't move as fast as I used too!!!! :(

  9. Hi Traci, wow you have been a busy gal!!8-) I'll let you clean my windows.8-)
    Pretty tulip!!
    Have a great Sunday!!


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