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Monday, May 9, 2011

Our 1870's One Room Schoolhouse Visit

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This was a delightful step back in time we got to take on Saturday.  If you look close at the above picture, the front part of this building is the original One Room School House in Scandia, PA.  It was originally built in 1878 and was moved with horses and skids to it's present location in 1890.  The back half of the building is an addition put on around the turn of the century to accomidate more students.

The front half is just as it looked way back then, the addition now houses a gathering of Antique Goodes.
Off to the right in the picture is a more modern addition that was in operation until 2000, when the school was consolidated.

The School Bell

Now for the inside..

When the renovated ceilings, walls and floors were removed, they found an original lesson dating from November 22, 1894 on the blackboard.  It has been preserved with a plexi-glass covering.

The Teacher's Desk

Now, in the Backroom, I had to put my bib on...

This Bowl was HUGE, must have been 26" or more across, too bad it would fit in my purse, LOL...

Old Brass Crib

The next series of pictures is part of a collection of miniature house, stores and barns they had on display.

I would love to go back for another visit when I can take the time to look through all the old ledgers, papers and school rosters...

Oh and about my New Pewter Collection...

I paid $30.00 for the entire 58 pcs. 
It was marked $40.00, I offered them $30 and it was mine
Whoo Hoo!

I've been working on some Summer Thyme Wreaths, just got done posting 3 of them on my selling blog.  I have at least one more in the works but not enough time to finish it today...


  1. Excellent price for all that pewter!!


  2. I had all my thoughts gathered together about how wonderful this old schoolhouse was and what cool photos, etc., etc., and then you hit me with that $30 pewter thing. Took my spunk, vinegar and shine right the spank out of me. Oh my GOSH!! That has to be one of the best deals of the centuries!!! Are you still floating??!! Kudos to you!!! Smiles (and green smiles) to you! Robin :o))

  3. Loved the tour.Love history.What is scandia close too? I'd love to visit.I'm near gettysburg.Blessings!~Amy

  4. Traci
    Great picks~ Such a beautiful old school house, so many anitques~
    Just took my breath away~$30 for the pewter~ that is a steal fo a lifetime!!!!
    thanks for sharing a wonderful day!

  5. Thanks for the tour, it was Awesome!
    Shut the front door ~ you really paid only $30.00 ~ What a score. Enjoy!
    Prim Blessings


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