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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Yesterday's Child~

Tuesday's Display Chain Theme

Yesterday's Child

such a wonderful choice made by
hostess this week

How many Yesterday's since you were a child?

Baby Shoes and Ring
my Dad's
year 1913......35,405 yesterdays

Dad, age 8....year 1921....32,850 yesterdays

Mom..born 1930....29,565 yesterdays
I'm guessing she was about 11 years old in this picture.  We don't have many pictures from her childhood.

Me and my JJ....13,140 yesterdays
probably almost 4 yrs. old here

Love note to my Mom
she saved for all those yesterdays

My yesterday's child...Maygan....3,103 yesterdays

Cherish Yesterday
Dream Tomorrow
Live Today


  1. What beautiful displays!I love the Love letters!have a great day!big hugs michelle

  2. I love that you figured out how many yesterdays. Very creative.....Great pictures.

  3. Traci~

    Love this post!! Love the pic of you in the pedal car. I have one just like it.

    Enjoy your evening~Becky

  4. So sweet Traci! Love your family photos . . . especially little Maygan.

  5. Hello~ Hello Traci~ finally~ I can comment!!!
    Such a special post~ so many precious memories~ love all the pic!!!
    smiles~ keep safe

  6. Oh Traci - sorry to be so late in posting this, but Blogger is headaching me again!! I love, Love, LOVE your yesterday displays!! Especially the old family photos...your mom was beautiful! You're lucky to have these treasures - we have so few family photos...(And, you were SOOOO lucky to have a JJ!!! Yikes! What I wouldn't have done for one of THOSE!) Thanks for sharing! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  7. loved this post..and loved the photos too.;)


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