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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Come, take a seat....It's Porch Sittin' Time

Spent a good part of yesterday, cleaning and settin' up our porch.  It's kind of a catch-all for stuff going out or coming into the house throughout the winter months.  If you don't want it in the house, needs to go to the garage...just set it out on the porch to take care of later..

So come on, have a seat and let me get you something cold to drink..

The fridge is stocked

This works great for serving, it was our coffee counter when we had our store
Now it on our porch, grill to the left and houses the fridge

Don't look at my chair cushions, need to find some new ones this year

Oh, and here...look past the unfinished wall..
maybe cedar shakes or barnboard in the future
we have alot of unfinished around here, LOL

I also potted up some flowers yesterday... going with Red, White & Blues (well deep purple) this year for annuals...

Got some Red Geraniums, Impatients & Petunias, White Wax Begonias, Deep Purple Pansies, & Blue Lobelia
can't wait for them to fill out and get pretty

I took lots of pictures of my flowers yesterday but I am going to hoard them until  next weeks Tuesday Display Chain...hosted by Amy at Bumble Bee Lane Cottage

my dear

More hummingbirds pictures to come next Tuesday too

Have a Wonderful Day...!


  1. How did you know I've been standing in my garage for a couple weeks staring at the pile of porch stuff and wondering how to put it all together? I need a muse! Love your porch and little hummer! ~*~Lisa

  2. Such a lovely summer hang out spot! I like the repurposed counter . . . great idea!

  3. Hi, Traci
    Look how sweet~ a beautiful hummingbird~ Awe~ THANK YOU!!
    Lovin the pics~ I want to come over sit on the porch~ drinkin a cold pepsi~ enjoying all the breathtaking eye candy and chatting away!!1

  4. Love your porch, something I don't have. Guess I will just have to visit you on your porch. We live in a 1950 ranch house, back then they gave you a stoop for a porch, not big enough even to put a chair on. So I have lots of benches in the yard, hopefully one day a porch. Can't wait to see your flowers. Vicky

  5. What a wonderful, fun and relaxing little piece of paradise you've created, Traci! Wow.... I'd be living on my porch if I had one like that! It truly is an outdoor room! Can't wait to see the rest of your flowers - too early here yet (unless I wanna be covering and hauling them in the garage at night). Great shot of the hummer! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  6. Things are coming together for ya hon. Looks tranquil:) You can put those seat cushions on your to do list to make new covers.

  7. Looks so relaxing! Perfect place to chat the afternoon away with a tall glass of Sweet Tea.Warm Blessings!~Amy


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