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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your Daily Drive...

No, not the morning commute...what's your daily drive

what gets you moving in the morning and what keeps you going all day?

For me, well, I have to say my morning staple is lots o' coffee
♥ my coffee, brewing a pot is one of the first tasks of the day

I'm not much of one for eating breakfast, never have been, just coffee please

Then it's music that keeps me going all day.  I always, always have the radio on when creating.

The volume gets turned up when a favorite comes on
...keeps the juices flowing for me.

Sitting at the sewing machine or standing at the cutting counter
I'll be found dancin' and singin' away.
(picture that, well don't cause it's not pretty, LOL)

My favorite is country...I was raised on country music, guess it runs deep
you can throw in a little classic rock, 80's and just a wee bit of 90's too
It's all good

A couple of my current favorites (these are the ones that get real loud)
these link ya up to youtube
Luke Bryan - Drunk On You  (just ordered CD♥)

So, what's your daily drive?


  1. Good morning and hello from another "just coffee" girl who also loves oldies music, but my taste goes farther back to the 50s adn 60s rock and roll (graduate of 1965).
    I love the new banner pic!
    Have a great day!

  2. Got to have the coffee. Then music to work by. You forgot that epic song with deep meaning "Red Solo Cup". Have a good day.

  3. Classical music on the big tv so that it comes through the larger speakers. I find it soothing.
    That seems to make me sew longer and faster. Oh, and of course coffee.

  4. Gotta have that cup of java first thing when my feet hit the floor, otherwise I am not your wonderful morning person :) heheh. I love listen to oldies or the rat pack on the big tv also while creating....there's just something about music that makes creating for me so much more productive. The only problem is... the time seems to go so much faster and I end up creating more than doing the things I should, dusting, laundry etc..... :)Wishing you a sunshinny day! Hugs Mary

  5. Traci...Will you Marry Me? I think we can be very happy! Cuz my daily EXACTLY like yours.

  6. Gotta have the music and my Coke! Cola is my downfall.LOL! Have a great evening,Jen

  7. Music and Mt.Dew keep my drive going all day!!!
    I have to laugh because I do the same thing when I'm at the sewing machine!!!LOL
    Prim Blessings

  8. Give me a cup of OJ and I will be good all morning. My three year old keeps me going all day.

  9. My daily morning drive is black and white, huge brown eyes, and weighs about 70 lbs....The Snow Dog. He starts prancing around downstairs and I know I gotta get my git on. Out he goes...then the coffee pot.....You don't wanna see a Cranky Crow without her morning coffee.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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