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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Giggles at 3:30am,

has been giggling ever since and is having more fun with a ball of yarn than

a whole bunch of kitties?

BFF's Maygan and Reagan

It was sleepover weekend...early dismissal from school yesterday led to a fun
afternoon for these two girls followed by a sleepless, laughter filled night and waffles for breakfast.  They have been BFF's since preschool.

Maygan and Reagan share rhyming names and were born the same day, same year.

Right now they are trying to untangle my house which has yarn in and around everything in every room.

Girls Just want to have Fun!

Oh, and Reagan says she likes my house better because I have more fun things and say "yes" more often than her mom, LOL...

Smiling and Giggling too,


  1. This post brought a big smile to my face. Nothing better than kids having fun, even outrageous fun! thanks for sharing ... jan

  2. Oh, to be that young again!!
    What a wonderful night.
    And yes, no matter what age...
    Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!!! :)


  3. This was so I'm doing it! Hi, I'm Loretta, a Linky Follower stopping by to say hello and welcome you to my blog! I will visit again since today is a busy one. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday with the girls! Hugs

  4. And I bet that when Maygan is visiting at Reagan's house, she tells her mom the same thing. It is good that they have happy places to play. Have a good Saturday.

  5. Always great to be the fun mom.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. ahhh those were the days...sleep overs and waffles..) glad they are having a great time at your place..have a great rest of your weekend.;)

  7. I love the energy that kids bring to a house. We had our grandbaby over night. I was such joy. Lucky them to be so close and lucky you to enjoy them.

  8. That brings back memories :-) I had slumber parties as a teen. We had a black lite... cool :-)

  9. Sounds like you enjoyed the sleep-over as much as the girls did!! How fun for everyone!! Wonderful memories in the making....

  10. Any waffles left??? ;o)
    I think next time Maygan should invite me - then it would be Reagan, Maygan, and Robin....I think that has a nice ring to it! ;o) Bet someone hits the hay early tonight! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. The smiles on both girls faces says it all! Gosh...Ooooh how I miss those days when my 3 girls were younger, if it wasn't one having a sleepover it was the other. MY oldest is 34 and she is still very close with her BFF since kindergarten. :)
    Wishing you an enjoyable and Blessed Sunday!
    Hugs Mary

  12. You are the BEST! Love it..Katie

  13. Oh how I remember those late nights giggling! They end all too soon!


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