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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's like heaven....I tell ya!
Late afternoon yesterday I stepped away from the craft room, just couldn't take looking outside at the lovely day any longer.  My hands were in the dirt (and very dirty) for the first time this year♥

If you don't know me...I love "outside", my gardens, the fresh spring smell, the sunshine..just nature in general.

While I've been forcing Spring inside....things are happening outside too.

the first tiny lil' jonquil forced open in a teacup
had some fun photographing it
I like the shadow in this one
same as first..with flash
it's a wee little bloom, only 1" across

purple/blue hyacinth
late bloomer to my pink and yellow ones

and outside we have pretty crocus, opened up to the sun yesterday

I did manage to finish the prize for Week #4 - Egg Hunt
here it is...Spring Chick in Jello Mold, Prim Peep in a Peat Pot and 3 of my Large Antiqued Eggs
(Pink, Blue & Lavender)

I would like to Welcome and say Hello to my new friends who have visited and signed on to follow my blog in the last few days.  Great to have you and look forward to getting to know you.

And to all my regular peeps...I love ya!  You make bloggin' fun, always appreciate your comments and visits!

Raising my Coffee Cup to toast ya...Cheers


  1. Traci,

    The first flowers are always the most precious every year!...enjoy your day..


  2. I love the spring flowers. I have never forced bulbs. We have year round blooms because it is to warm, but the desert in spring is beautiful.

  3. Morning Traci~
    TFS pictures of your lovely spring flowers! I'm so ready to be outdoors but it's still cold. The past weekend was beautiful and a huge tease as to what will come, sometime! Now, the neighbors get more sun than our house so of course their tulips and the bleeding heart is showing promise. At least I can look out from my office/sewing room and enjoy their blooms!
    Havin' a cup with ya this morning~
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Hi, Traci~ Beautiful photos~ keep the camera handy~ I want to see more of your spring blooms~
    I am loving this gorgeous weather~ my hands feel so good~ my lungs feel revived~~ I slept like a baby last night~opened up the windows & doors had the night air throughout the homestead~ oh, bring on the spring~

  5. Hi, Traci:
    No signs of Spring here yet, but it's been in the sixties and will be all week. Your flowers are beautiful.

  6. Hi Traci,beautiful pics ! Love getting my hands dirty too,something about it just feels right.Have a great day!Hugs,Jen

  7. Hi Traci!
    Nothing compares to spring dirt and the beautiful fresh colors - your blooms are fab!
    Best wishes

  8. Oh boy, we've got that little piece of heaven here too. Tim was working outside yesterday and broke a sweat, it was so warm. I love the nice breeze blowing through our open windows. Your inside flowers are pretty. I've got those same ones blooming outside my bedroom window in the backyard. We gotta thank God for the beauty.

  9. Oh Traci ...I know what you mean about needing to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and the dirt... the Spring Flowers are popping up everywhere and I am totlly lovin it..
    Tonight we took the nieces and outselves to get Ice Cream for the fist tie this season and oh how yummy it was...
    Now its back tot he shop for the night..

    Have a Great week and enjoy all that sunshine daily!


  10. Hi Traci, Oooooh I too, am so loving this wonderful weather were having! Spent the day yesterday washing windows and managed to do a little clean up outside as well. I am really getting exciting and looking forward to planting herbs in pots for out on my deck. I just love having access to all the fresh herbs when cooking. I am even going to try my hand at some Sweet Annie this yr. for the garden. Love your new header...and all your wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing. The new goodies you created for wk #4 are primtastic!! Wonderful job my friend! Wishing you another wonderful day tomorrow. Hugs Mary

  11. Beautiful flowers and such cute little chicks!!!
    A beautiful spring day here in WI ~ took my crafting outdoors today!!! Didn't want it to end ~ it was wonderful!!!
    Enjoy your sunshine and digging in the dirt!!!
    Prim Blessings

  12. Love your little chicks....And, mmmmm....dirty hands are fun hands. We've been enjoying some amazing weather even here in Nod. Enough snow melted for me to peek in on the daffies and tulips and hyacinths....just the tiniest tips of green showing through - but it's a start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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