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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every Small Town in America...needs this to happen

I read this story on Yahoo News last evening....
warmed my heart!

We are fortunate where we live to have small family owned businesses left.  I regularly
shop the local "feed" store...Agway, we have a small hardware, barber/hunting & fishing store, diners/restaurants, local pharmacy, non-corporate owned gas station and a hair salon.  We try to patronize these places often.  

If only everyone in America did the same.  Next time you need something....think about the "little guy"
first, you may pay a few cents more for the item in need but you will be making a big difference in the life of an
American business man/woman.

*Instead of "big box" grocers and department stores....visit your local farmers for
fresh eggs & produce...heck even meat for your table.  I love stopping at road side stands to shop.

*Instead of "big home improvement" stores...visit your local nurseries for your garden supplies, plants and seeds.

*Instead of visiting "big" garages the next time your oil needs changed or new tires..visit the little hometown service station.

*Instead of "department" stores...visit a local gift shop/craft show/or independent artist for your candles & pretties.

*Instead of complaining about the "big box" stores taking something about it!  As an an American, it's how it all started and it's what we need to do to keep America...America!

Nine times out of ten...they will remember and greet you by name the next time you visit.  They will know what you want to drink when you sit down at the table to order your meal.

I've personally been there, a small town retail business owner and it is tough trying to survive.

God Bless America,


  1. I love the personal attention that small businesses provide. I hope that they are not a vanishing thing.

  2. Well said Ms. Traci!
    My husband and I try to live this way, supporting our independent's and Made in the USA products whenever possible or go without that item if it isn't a necessity. Christmas time, we purchased only hand made items from fellow artisans, and USA made things.
    We all have to stick together to support the "mom and pop" businesses cause when the big stores eventually fall what will there be?
    Great article and a practice Americans should already be doing. My husband is a strong union member and will not buy items that come from other countries. Every little bit helps to protect our jobs right here in America! TFS

  3. Traci~ Funny I was driving home yesterday and thought the same thing about our little town.It used to be prosperious but now everything is closing or moving away.Big box is starting to show up like royal farms.Sad to see so much go not just here but everywhere.It's what made a town special and a "hometown".Sad to say though most of this generation does not understand old values and preserving history.I'll continue to do my part.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Hi, Traci~ Great Story from the falls~ I wish we had more "hometown stores" I love them, small, friendly, and usually get exactly what you need without walking miles through the aisles~ giggles~ I am with you buy local homegrown~ homemade~ in the USA~
    thanks for posting the story, inspiring~

  5. Count me in too! We don't have a lot of the "littles" left, but I go there when I can. Even a little you can do helps us all.

  6. Agreed! Love this post Friend.
    I added your Mercantile Button to my blog yesterday!
    HUGS to you

  7. Wonderful post! Every little bit we do can make a difference. :)

  8. I am trying not to buy anything made in China,
    it is hard finding everything made in the USA,
    these days....I have a post in mind to do, so
    I guess I better get it done...This is a great
    post, Traci!


  9. It's sad. The small businesses downtown here are almost all
    closing. More every month. So many empty buildings. I think
    it's sad.
    Whoever can make a difference helps.
    Thanks for the story.

  10. Well said!!! If only everyone supported the small business ~ more would be around today.
    Prim Blessings

  11. Traci,
    you are right! Thanks for sharing, this is a touching story. I think most of us would do this we just need a little reminder sometimes.


  12. My husband came from a valley scattered with small towns and each had small town locally owned stores. Now, we roll through the valley and see all the windows boarded up and no one owns a thing. It is so sad. All that's there is the supermarket, and tire store, and Alco, and Maverik. It is so sad. Thanks for sharing. -Steph-

  13. So very true Traci and so very needs to be happening. I've seen so many of our lcoal mom and pop stores forced out of business, because they can't compete with big corporation.

  14. Great post Traci - and so agree. Driving through the little town we did our "shopping" at growing up a few months ago, I was lamenting that none of the "old" stores were there - no Eddie's Bakery, no Mr. Goozie's Grocery, no Three Sisters, etc. - but it's truly more than that - there just aren't any LOCAL stores any more and it's so sad. We do try to buy American whenever we can - my husband is ADAMANT about it. And finding socks made in the USA isn't an easy feet...I mean feat...any more. (Sorry - coffee is starting to kick in...) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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