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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Fruits of My Labor ~ Primitives ~N~ Spring Part #1

Is it too early to start thinking Spring?

My dusting day turned into a full fledged mess, I must say.  Always starts out as a small task at hand and
somehow I end up with the whole room...completely torn apart.

This area in my dining room is where my Natural Tree was this Christmas, finally took it down yesterday.
The display I put together to take it's place. 

This is about the only real sign of spring I added to this area.  
It's more of an everyday gathering, I reckon

This wooden cubby was in my kitchen until I made the stepback cupboard.
It has finally found a new "permanent" home
sitting atop a large wooden box, I think it makes for a great look.
Filled with needfuls aka junk 

I aged some cheesecloth to use as a make-do valance for the windows in here, nothing fancy.

Tomorrow I will share my Primitives ~N~ Spring Part #2
The Sawbuck Table Vignette

Thanks to all my wonderful and faithful friends who leave such sweet comments for me.  Each one of them brightens my day and warms my heart!



  1. Morning
    I just love all your deocrating and treasures.
    You always inspire me.
    Hugs to you

  2. Morning Traci, Such a wonderful prim perfect display. Love the idea of the cheescloth for the window dressing. I am so ready to do some Spring decorating. Maybe after my road trip this weekend. Heck, I can't stay home long enough to clean , how can I tweak? Have a great day.

  3. Traci, I just love your decor, you are truly blessed with an awesome talent. hugs, Lecia

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Traci! I love all the 'junk' you have displayed - to me, it all looks prim wonderful!
    I'll be sure to check back for pt 2!
    Have a great day!

  5. Traci I know what you mean start cleaning and the next thing I am redoing something in the room, becomes a major project. I love the wooden cubby, looks really good with all of your goodies in it. I am in the mood for spring, can' wait to see what else you have done. Hugs Vicky

  6. Good morning Traci~
    I love your displays of all your needfuls! The cheesecloth valance looks just right too.
    Spring? Never to early to think spring. We haven't had any snow in the valley this year so our grass has been showing more than any other year. Brown, dreary, deceiving because when the sun is out you'd think it was warm too. Not so. Still very cold like January normally is around here.
    Looking forward to Part 2!

  7. Traci~ The new displays look good.I pulled everything into the middle of the living room to find spaces.Hubby came home and kept telling me I wasn't getting rid of that "good" stuff LoL..I told him nope just rearranging.Can't wait to see Part #2.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Love your tweaked display. Do you wanna come over to my house since you already have the dust rag in hand...I swear there is an inch of dust in places! Dusting...the never ending chore.

    Have a great day.


  9. Oh it looks wonderful! I really like it! :)

    WHat is in that cute jar? A grunged egg with cheesecloth? It's very cute!

    Carmen and the Primcats

    1. Hi Carmen...It's a paper wasp nest that I was brave enough to gather in last fall...

  10. Love your decorating! I am itching for spring too. It hasn't been very wintery this season, so without the snow I keep thinking spring is around the corner. I am in the mood to take down the snowmen, maybe I'll do that today.

    Have a great day Traci!
    Prim blessings,

  11. Morning Traci... Isn't taht it always goes. We decide to do a little touching up and before we know it we've turned things upside down..Changing up..I think its a woman way of refreshing themselves as well as there personal space..just kinda gives us a lift don't ya think?
    Everything looks great...Love teh cubby on top of the wood box...A place/space that can be changed at a whem with seaonal decor or just for a refresh when ya need one..

    Have a Great Week!


  12. Funny what dusting will do to you. I love to pick up each thing and look at it and hold it and remember who gave it to me, then get to dusting it. It is a relaxing chore in my eyes:) Everything looks great. I love how you are moving things around. And no, it's not to early to think about spring. It will be here before you know it. -Steph-

  13. Ok....this is absolutely, positively, one of my all-time favorite displays....I have a "thing" for cubbies (fits right in with my need to "fill" stuff I guess) - and this one is amazing....It's large enough to actually "fit" stuff in it - and you have so many wonderful treasures. I could spend hours looking at them all - but they pull together so wonderfully too for a remarkable statement. You truly have an incredible gift....Love the wasp nest in the jar - I have baskets full of honeycomb nests, and one mud nest, but no paper nests....My nest fetish is what finally convinced my family I was really, truly, wacko. ;o) Happy Tuesday Sweetie! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. I love your aka junk! Really great to see your changes when you make them. You may have a few dust bunnies, I have herds of them. Mine love junk too, they all gather here! I like the shelves and cubbies! Have a great day!

  15. Hi Traci, your shelf looks awesome!! I love all your treasures!!
    Almost everytime I start cleaning I also start rearranging, and end up with a bigger mess than I started with. :-)

  16. OMGoodness Traci! Everything looks so Beautiful! I Love your displays and all your goodies. You inspire me.

  17. Hi Traci,
    Love your decorating...everything is so perfect. have a good one. Hugs,

  18. Hi, Traci:
    I love your walls, that's beadboard on top in blue? It's so pretty with the white underneath and the chair rail. What you did with the
    areas is great, a really nice decorating job!
    You've got some great collectibles. I know a person can go crazy
    moving things back and forth!

  19. Prim perfect! I love the look of the old wood.

  20. Hi Traci~

    Love your displays!! Can't wait till part 2!!

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  21. Oh Traci, I always do that when I clean. I live ina two bedroom shouldn't take me more than three hours tops to clean. I always end up spending all day because I decide i want to "redo" something..before I know it I have a bigger mess than I started with! I always figure it's kinda like the saying..a messy kitchen while cooking is the sign of a good cook...well a messy house while cleaning is the sign of a good decorator, lol!!! Katie


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