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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year...New Look at the Homestead

Changing things up after the holidays....
always looks bare once the decorations come down

Starting in the Living Room
New Vignettes
Baskets & Pillows

Candles & Bibles
Favorite Old Wooden Boxes
Make-Do Lantern I made from
salvaged wood from my Dad's Barn
Crocks, Fur Stretchers & Quilts

Trying to take it room by room and I admit
I still have one tree up (my primitive natural tree)

Our little buddy Baxter is sick
I've called the vets (none of which seem to be familiar with hamsters), called the pet stores to see
if they could shed light on what may be wrong, I have bottle fed and held him close for 6 days, shed more weight in tears than what he weighs, prayed for his recovery
and now,  I pray for peace for the little guy.
How is it that such a little critter can become such a part big of your family?

Say a little prayer if you would for him...

Hugs to All,


  1. Awe Traci, I'm saying a prayer for little Baxter. It's always hard to see a pet sick~ did you google search any info on the web about what may be wrong? Most vets and pet stores are not good sources for problems, I'm sorry to say.
    I truly hope he gets better.

  2. Your home is looking good! Love all your special touches!

    So sorry about Baxter. Praying for the little guy.

  3. Love the pictures, everything looks so nice! I am going to begin to redecorate around here hopefully next week. Sorry Baxter is not well, we will be praying for him and you all :)
    ~Prim Blessings~

  4. Hi Traci,
    Everything looks wonderful.
    Love all your new touches.
    Sorry about Baxter. Will be sending prayers up for the little fella.
    Hope he get better soon.


  5. Hi, Traci -
    You've put things back very nicely for the winter.
    I wish I knew what to tell you about Baxter and where to go for help. Have you looked online and/or googled his symptoms? I feel helpless and he isn't even my pet so I can imagine how you all feel. I hope he gets well. I'm sorry...

  6. Aww, poor Baxter. I read on another gal's blog that they had lost their pet rat. No matter what they are, they're a precious living being. I'll say a prayer for Baxter and hope he gets well quick.
    Love your old grubby primitives :0) and I leave my tree up all year long. Love it!

  7. Traci, I love what you are doing with your prim decorations after replacing them with the Christmas decorations. It looks wonderful.

    I hope Baxter feels better soon.

    Prim Blessings,

  8. Hi Traci: Everything looks nice! Poor lil' Baxter. Do you think its that "wet tail" disease? They say that when hampsters get stressed this is what happens. We had our lil' Steve go to heaven in the spring...not sure what happened with him but I cried for months!
    I hope he gets better!! Will say a prayer for him.

  9. I Love your home. Your new displays look Beautiful. So sorry to hear about Baxter! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Baxter.
    Hope he gets better soon! Take care!

  10. Wishing the best for Baxter, and with you during this stressful time. My pets are part of my family, and I do worry over them. Your redecorating is looking good.

  11. Oh Traci, I do hope Baxter is on the mend. We have 3 of those little guys and I love them to death. They have become family.
    I love all the changes to your home. So clean and refreshing, thats what I am working on doing too.
    Hugs Theresa in PA

  12. Poor Little fellow.I'd do a internet search for symptoms.Yes they become like family...Your new displays are looking nice.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. I love all of your prim decor..warm and inviting..and I hope little Baxter recovers soon..;)

  14. Pretty pics...poor little Baxter. I hope he's scurring around in his cage in no time!

  15. love the new vignettes....
    having lost our dear clifford just a couple months ago, I can understand your pain and frustration. I will add my prayers for your little guy!

  16. hi, Girl~ Looks so warm & cozy at your home~ pretty prim decorating~ wishing Baxter well~ give him kisses for me~

  17. So sorry about Baxter, Traci. These little furballs just manage to worm their way into your heart, don't they?

    And yes, I agree that after all the Christmas stuff is put away, the house seems so plain and empty. We're trying to streamline our decorating though...going with the "less is more" school of thought on it really IS pretty empty! LOL


  18. Poor Baxter!! What a cute little guy! I will pray for him!! Your displays are so neat looking!!


  19. I hope your little friend is o.k. and recovers. You are doing the best you can for Baxter. What wonderful New Year displays. It's always fun to redecorate after the Christmas stuff comes down. -Steph-

  20. Oh that basket with the pillows looks sooo great. Very very primitive. I love it.

  21. Lovely prims Tracy ~ everything looks wonderful!
    So sorry about baxter ~ don't you wish he could talk to tell you what hurts??? I hope he gets better soon. Keep us posted.
    Prim Blessings

  22. Oh....poor little guy. I hope by the time you read this that he's over whatever it was and back to his furry little self. But I will say a prayer nonetheless. Unfortunately, I don't believe those little guys have a terribly long life span, although that, of course, varies by breed....I know I was shocked when we lost our little guy years ago and I was told he had probably died of old age. Yikes.

    Your "new look" is looking wonderful - very clean and fresh. I still have Christmas up here (mixed even with a few stray black cats and JOL's) - and don't know when it'll come down at this point. Love that make-do lantern from your dad's barn wood. I remember when you first showed it, I loved it - think I love it even more now. Hoping all is well on the mountain....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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