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Friday, January 13, 2012

Revamped, Reworked, Refreshed

Those three R's.....aRe what I have been up to.

Revamped, reworked & refreshed both my selling blog and this one.  I just can't seem to leave things the same way for too long.  Guess it's like rearrranging the furniture!

Speaking of refreshed, we have a brand new blanket of's super cold & windy outside.  The weather changed overnight and plunged us into winter once again.

Here are some pictures of the outdoors earlier today

Lil' Hemlock all struggling under the weight of ice & snow
Just after the plow went through (for the 2nd time), I believe it was up our road 4 times today.
Overnight icicles

This is my most recent finish
Lil Sleepy Pantry Mouse ~N~ Cheese
(mouse pattern by Staglane Primitives)

I thought the picture was cute, reminded me of a cozy winter day so I used the pic to make a new header.

Also finished up a couple more early offerings and a different Mouser today, I have listed all my newest handmades on my website for sale.  Still trying to rework my selling blog some so I'm holding off listing things there for a bit. 

I'm off to find my flannel pj's and snuggle in....
Hoping to have a cozy, winter weekend
I wish you the same


  1. Have a great night that lil' mouser! so sweet~

  2. Have a cozy evening, and your mouse is charming.

  3. Love your pictures, but the little mouse! Might be just a tad too close to the real thing! Teasing, he's a sweet heart!

  4. Hi, Traci - I like the new header of your blog. The little mousers are adorable. We have a nice white blanket here too. It's very
    pretty. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Good morning, Traci! The mouse/cheese are just the cutest! Your header looks great.....
    No snow for us here in northern NJ, but lots of cold and the winds were pretty strong yesterday. Finally, it feels like winter! I would love a nice dusting of snow -- looks so pretty. I actually like the occasional blizzard, but not when anyone has to travel.... and when does that ever happen?!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Beautiful captures of Mother Nature~Love the icicles, pretty!!
    Adorable mouse~ wonderful job~
    keep safe & cozy~

  7. Love your pantry mouse header - what a cute pattern Traci. Hope you are being cozy & creating ~*~Lisa

  8. I love that word, refreshed. :)

    Lovely snow pictures, we've been getting more lately. Last night it was so windy, it was scarier than usual. If it wasn't for the pain meds I had to take late last night, I wouldn't have slept at all. I *hate* heavy wind.

    I hope you are having a great day!
    Prim blessings,

  9. I love the new header. Flannel p.j.s' sound so warm. Heck....I love any p.j.'s if I can stay in them until 1 in the afternoon:) You sound like you have been a busy woman. Glad you are refreshed and revamped. -Steph-

  10. Love your new look Traci and the mouse is so sweet great header for your blog. BRRR on the snow


  11. Hi Traci Love the new look,and your new header. Great job! That new lil' mouser is just too dang cute!It has snowed quit a bit here also, we lost power for a few hours with all that nasty wind.It has finally stopped snowing, but the temps are very low, with windchills below zero. So I will be doing the same as you my sweet friend......staying in and keeping warm and toasty :)
    Big Hugs,

  12. i have my flannels on cozy! Katie

  13. Snuggle in Traci :o) You all got it worse than we did, but we did get the freezing temps... brrr. Love you revamping!


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