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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Girls Day Out... Friday

No School = Girls Day Out

Yesterday my best girl, Maygan and I had a day out.  Boy, oh, boy we put some miles on!  Hit up every thrift shop in a 100 mile radius I think.  What started out as a small venture turned into and All Day Adventure.

First we traveled across the NY state line to visit some junk stores and JoAnns.  We got lunch To-Go and sit
by the frozen Lake Chautauqua...picture above, Maygan braving the very wet snow while Mom takes a picture.
A couple of my finds...thought the little Love Poems book was a great find with Valentine's Day coming up.

Dusty Baskets...looking through the dust I can see some Tulips for Spring and Red Geraniums for Summer in the twig basket...the lil' ones, who knows, I just like little ones.
Back in PA now and traveling west...  glad we didn't have to travel in this
open Amish Buggy yesterday.
Yep, still behind them... going up a hill and look close
there's another one coming towards us (at least they have a closed buggy).  We are in Amish Country!

A stop at a little shop in Corry....  found some to *die for fabrics* and a couple candle hangers.
Didn't buy as much fabric as I wanted to ;)
Same the Whistle Stop Antique Store this time
found some old blue jars w/zinc lids, tins and a lemon extract bottle
close-up of the bottle
♥ love old bottles, especially with their original labels ♥

In our travels I also found a book of vintage sheet music, some wooden candlesticks for primitive make-do bases, a paddle cutting board, & May found some books to read.

We had a great day!
Lots of laughter & love shared during our journey.

Tonight I will spending the evening with another one of my loves...  my hubs...  It's our Anniversary Eve.

Hope you get to spend some time with the ones you love...


  1. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you and Maygan had a great trip.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. What fun!Yesterday was a good day for it.Todcay I woke up to snow again.Have a wonderful anniversary eve and great day tommorow!Hugs michelle

  3. Hi, Traci - what a perfect day. Happy Anniversary
    to you and your beloved.

  4. Such a great time you two had! I love to hear all your finds. Happy anniversary to you and your hubbs!

    Prim blessings,

  5. Good morning Traci, Looks like you two gals had the perfect day! You found yourself some wonderful goodies. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy Anniversary sweetie......enjoy your day! Hugs Mary

  6. Your day sounds wonderful!! Happy Anniversary!!


  7. Looks like you ladies had a good time. You found some real jewels. Happy Anniversary.


  8. Good for you, memories in the making. She's grown from the last photo I saw, she is beautiful! Love all the pictures!
    BBBRRRR, open buggies, wow!
    Happy Anniversary.

  9. Happy Anniversarty!! Looks like a fabulous day out with Maygan!!

    Enjoy your weekend~Becky

  10. hi, Traci~ sounds like a great girls day~
    Happy Anniversary~ enjoy!

  11. TFS your wonderful day with us! Kinda jealous here, my favorite girl is to busy to venture out with me these days. Maybe when the weather warms up. Awesome treasures found and memories made!
    Wishing you a Happy Anniversary too!

  12. Happy belated Anniversary!!!
    Looks like you girls had a wonderful time and found some wonderful things. I love your old extract bottle ~ I love old jars and bottles too! I just found an old candy jar and it still had some candy in it. Enjoy your treasures!
    Prim Blessings

  13. Happy Anniversary Traci! Great finds on your girls day out. Mary

  14. Hi Traci, Sounds like a fun day. Looks like you found some good stuff. Happy Anniversary today.

  15. What a great day you had with your Maygan!! I love my girl's day outings! You scored some great items... always fun to come home with a few new treasures!
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubs!!!

  16. Cool, there are no Amish where I live in Quebec, but I saw the Amish in person when we went to Niagra Falls, 2 years ago. I loved seeing them, but I tried not to stare, even though I thought they were so beautiful. They were dressed in blue and black, and I think one lady was wearing purple.

  17. Sounds like a bliss-filled day - can't think of one better spent than doing what, and being with those, you love best. Fun finds - I love old jars and bottles too. Don't know what it is, but they always seem to catch my eye. Hope your anniversary was happy - and you and your hubby got to spend some treasured moments together. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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