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Monday, January 30, 2012

Awesome Find...Honey!

Rural Mountain Life has it's disadvantages...
such as
 -the convenience of water & sewage services like offered in town, 
 no natural gas supply piped by our house, no cable TV service and
no garbage pick-up service either

BUT, there is also advantages to these disadvantages!

We have to take our bags of down the hill for pickup, all the neighbors on our mountain share a dumpster.  

Well, last night it was hubby's turn to do so.  He was so excited when he returned to tell me about the
Dumpster Delights he had found
Now, who on earth would throw these treasures away?
Not me but I'm glad one of our neighbors did!
Antique Wooden Carriage Wheel
a couple spokes are missing but who cares, not me

A set of wood, metal and brass Hames
which go around the horse's collar 

Whoa Nelly!!!!!
Great score Hubby!!!!

We had another blast of snow last was falling at record speed
about 6" in an hour or so...thankfully it stopped when it did.
We woke to pretty white this morning, blue skies and sunshine!

Today I'm off to do some cleaning (mostly dusting....where does it all come from?), maybe some rearranging/decorating.  There have been some ideas floating around in my noggin for a few days now.  Might just have to act on them.

Have a Great Day!


  1. Don't you love it when you find those treasures. In my blog today, I wrote about one my dad found years ago. Have a good day.

  2. What awesome finds and a wonderful Hubby for bringing them home for you! Beautiful winter pictures of your snow fall!

  3. I love it when the trash God's smile. What great finds and how nice of your hubby to fetch them and bring them home (excited:) I love the wheel. I am happy for you. -Steph-

  4. Hi Traci,
    Hope you are having a great day with all your ideas. Those are fabulous! I will come up and take your garbage down anytime, just let me know. We got about 4 inches of snow last night. It is like it came out of nowhere. Strange weather here in Pa. Have a good one. Hugs,

  5. Hi Traci, Looks like you did strike the mother load, great finds, amazing what people throw away. I wish we would get a little snow going to be around 70 here later this week, poor flowers are confused, already coming up in places. Dust were does it come from, have lots here if you don't have enough, LOL, doing the same thing here today, dusting. Can't wait to see what ideas you have on your mind. Hugs Vicky

  6. SCORE!
    I can't believe what folks toss out. You have your hubby trained well Traci. Mine's pretty good too, though he doesn't find anything that awesome. One day he did bring home a perfectly good push lawnmower. I asked him why we needed a third one? He said you never know, going to check this out and see what's up. All it needed was the bolt tightened up that held the blade in place! He cleaned it up and sold it two weeks later to a neighbor for $50 ;-) he was happy!
    Have a great week Traci~

  7. Love the wheel! yes who throws such goodies'm rearranging some today as well.Hope you have a great week sweetie!~Amy

  8. Hi Traci, gosh what awesome finds! Maybe you should give the job to hubby all the time,taking down the trash... seeing he had such great luck :)hehehe It snowed pretty hard here yesterday also and is suppose to start again sometime around dinner time tonight. So pretty coming down,as long as I am inside, but when it's time to shovel....than it becomes not so pretty! heheh
    Have a wonderful day my sweet friend and try and stay warm and toasty! Hugs Mary

  9. I am so jealous...I love that wheel and want one for my perennial bed....some people have no sense of what's worth keeping. You're one lucky girl that your hubby drug it home for you....still drooling here...oh my!


  10. Score big for the hubby! Dumpster diving can be very rewarding. I used to do that when I was a youngster. Of course I was searching for clothes and toys. We always hit the goodwill drop offs.
    You'll do something great with these:)

  11. No way~ seriously he found them, someone was trashing these items~they have NO IDEA!!!WOW~Amazing finds~ great job by Hubby send him out more often to take the trash out~ giggles~
    Pretty snow pics~

  12. Awesome finds indeed! I've been wanting to get my hands on a wheel forever. Some antique places have many, but I ain't paying their super high prices.

    Sun after the snow is a favorite time, it's so pretty. :)

    Prim blessings,

  13. OMGoodness what a score! What were they thinking?

  14. Hi, Traci:
    I think hubby should be permanently assigned to trash duty.
    And you should find out which neighbor was tossing so that
    you can tell them to tell you first!
    You have some really nice finds.

  15. Holy MOLY. A wagon wheel? I would be doing a cartwheel!

  16. Hi Traci,
    What a wonderful find!! Great finds on your previous post when you and Maygan took your road trip. What fun!! I am so ready for a junkin' journey!!8-)
    Have a great day!!

  17. Great new treasures!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  18. Your neighbors certainly have better garbage than ours...not that I'd actually know what kind of garbage our neighbors have. ;o) And you have your hubby trained well...Around here, it's somewhat the opposite - this summer I drove past our neighbors and spied my old fountain in THEIR yard. It didn't work any more and so my husband gave it to them!! Wanna talk about CRANKY!! I so love that wheel....And that last photo of the snow - GORGEOUS!!! Hope your new week is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. Great find!!!
    I picked up an old sewing machine table that one of the neighbors were throwing away ~ Love it!!!
    I love it when it snows and the snow sticks to the trees!
    Prim Blessings


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